Thursday, October 25, 2012

A few things we did this week.

We're very excited to celebrate a certain someone's first Halloween.

I didn't get to do the baby-in-a-pumpkin thing the last go 'round as Will was only a month old and weighed in at about 6 pounds.  I was thrilled to get to do this with at least one of my babies.  I'm slightly embarrassed at the amount of time I spent preparing this pumpkin to meet my photographic standards.  I actually worked on it several times over the course of a few days, and kept it in the fridge until the weather warmed up mid-week (80 degrees in late October!).

And Amelia...  Oh, Amelia did not disappoint.  She is such a good sport.

We tried it with a bow, too.

But, yeah...  She rocked that pumpkin hat.
Go, Girl!

We tried on big brother's first Halloween costume (because every 6 pounder needs an over-sized dog outfit to wear for a total of 30 minutes).

She's a little stuffed in there, but OH MY...  So.  Stinkin'.  Cute. IMG_5481
Bring it, Halloween.

We enjoyed aforementioned 80 degree weather at the park.  Seriously, we go there every day.  Yesterday we went twice.
IMG_5864 IMG_5871-2

Mommy has been very Pinterest motivated lately.  I even entertain notions of doing an entire month of Pinterest.  I get excited just thinking about it.  A Pinterest a Day December, perhaps?  Oh yeah...  The wheels are churning.

This little project involved a silicone pie pan (from the dollar section at Walmart), a paint brush, shaving cream, and food dye.  Will helped with that and squeezed every color in each bowl, which is why we have 4 different mixed colors instead of 4 different separate colors.  For the record, I'm cool with this.

"A crocodile!!"

Sweet Baby Girl had a big, big week.  On Monday, the beginnings of a tooth popped through her tender gums.  I thought she was teething, but honestly, I felt a little clueless since Will was the easiest teether ever.  She has definitely been uncomfortable and it's tough to watch.

In other news, Amelia sported her first real hair do.

I'm absolutely inept at doing hair, so, really, it's only fitting that my baby girl has a head full. IMG_5908

I have second thoughts about sharing this picture as doing so might cause this post to go in to cuteness overload.  Oh well, I'm risking it.
Getting so good at those baby push ups!


Anonymous said...

I love the hair. And Amelia. And Will.

Rebecca said...

I forgot to show grandma the pigtails last night, I can't believe it's that long! Maybe she is destined for baby modeling stardom with all those well timed smiles and "surprised" faces??