Monday, October 15, 2012

Life, lately.

Last Saturday, I tried my hand at yard-saling. My mom's neighborhood was hosting, and since no advertising was required on my part, I set up shop.

 Hi! Come buy our crap. IMG_5509
OMG, Amelia was outside with us for 5 hours and was amazingly happy.  Best. Baby. Ever.

I made $116. A fair showing, but I learned some things for next time. For instance, yes, Will has some beautiful sweaters, and some barely worn Gymboree cords, but I must get over myself and price them lower. Also, people don't want to dig in bins, so determine a new display. Next spring, I will step up my game. I predict a much better outcome.

But I still out-sold my mom.

Will and Mike joined us after, and since it was such a nice day, we took a walk to feed some ducks. IMG_5529 IMG_5526

Anytime we do this, Will ends up eating the stale bread because "I a duck too!" So then he decided to quack at Amelia. And everyone else that walked by. IMG_5532 IMG_5543

Mike and I are quite convinced we have the cutest baby on the planet.  Biased, you say?  No way.

Today was kind of a blah day.  Cloudy and gross with some rain.  I let Will wear his new jammies all day (I LOVE kids wearing cute jammies), and we just hung out.

A little Pinterest project...

A thin layer of baking soda in a shallow pan, bowls of white vinegar colored with dye, and a dropper and spoons.

Fizzy fun.  Will said, "It talking to me!"

Apparently the lady who originally posted this idea said it kept her two year old busy for 1 hour and her four year old busy for two hours....

22 minutes here.

Then I got to break out the vacuum because it became a big crumbly mess all over the place.  Oh well.  Such is life.

Yesterday someone turned...

Oh goodness.  How I love her.  She is just squishy and sweet and so darn loveable.

Recently we tried some oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and bananas.  I was going to wait, but she is so darn interested in what I'm eating and drinking, I thought she was ready.  She's not.  So we'll try again later.

She took a break from rolling over for several weeks (not sure if she forgot how...?), but she's back at it again.  She's got the back to front thing down, but struggles with the front to back.  Meanwhile, I get to console her during every middle of the night waking until she figures it all out.  Yayness.  I miss my good sleeper!!  Naps are still a crap shoot.


She reaches for, grasps, and holds objects.

Smiles just about everytime you talk to her.  LOVES to look at herself in the mirror.  Not a huge fan of floor play.  Likes to be held facing out so she can see everything happening around her.  Enjoys car and stroller rides.  Totally content in the baby swings at the park.  Drools all the time.  Puts everything in her mouth.  Big finger chewer.  Takes the paci sometimes.  Still no bottle.  Giggles more often.  Hair hangs in her eyes!

Easy. Sweet. Socialable.  Jumper.

Last fall I got a Halloween cookbook from the dollar section at Target.  I let Will pick out some things for us to make.

Starting with...
Monster toes.
Made with hot dogs and tortillas (cut into strips and microwaved between damp paper towels for 15 seconds to make them easier to manipulate).  Baked for 8 minutes at 350 (375? I forget.)  Ketchup or mustard in hollowed out tips for nails.  Easy peasy.

Will made me wipe off the ketchup and only ate two bites.  Ah, well.  I liked them.

Also, today, Will helped me change 'Melia's diaper.

He loves to be my helper boy.


Anonymous said...

If you take off the big ticket item, I think mom would be the winner of the yard sale.

bruski said...

Hey! When did Becky up her T-shirt? Lol!