Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Fall fun

I know this is a project just about everyone undertakes: the Rice Krispies pumpkin. This was my first year doing it with Will.

 Total concentration. IMG_5699

As you can see, they looked more like Rice Krispies blobs. Absolutely delectable. Not. We snacked a bit while we were creating, then I tossed them in the trash when Will wasn't looking. Also, I was sure to cover them up because Will is a total George Costanza and loves to eat from the trash. IMG_5708

Speaking of eating, we braved our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch on Saturday. I use the phrase 'braved' as Will has never been easy to eat out with. But, he did great. IMG_5735

I always wondered who those babies were. You know, the ones that were totally content to sit in their car seats, looking around or sometimes even *gasp* SLEEPING. Well, now I know because I have one of my very own. I'm such a lucky gal. IMG_5739

After lunch, it was off to the airshow. OK, not really. We kind of missed the actual show part, but we did get to see some small airplanes landing and taking off. IMG_5750

I thought it was all a little boring until Will corrected me, "No, Mommy. It not boring. It fun!" Ok, then. IMG_5756

It was fun!

So. Much. Fun. IMG_5761
While we were there a woman told me, "You win the cutest baby contest." See? It's not all in my head.

I know someone who's very excited to go on an airplane ride of his own.  Just two more weeks!

Want to know where we're going? I'll let Will tell you in another post.

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Alexandra Stafford said...

I would like to know. Now. Also, I would like to see pics of your new bath toy organizer? Please? I'm heading to Walmart tomorrow to do the same.