Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sports Development Class

We were really excited to sign Will up for the sports development class offered through our county Parks and Rec. program.  It's a 4 week class for 3-5 year olds and started just after Will's third birthday.  The class covered the basics of soccer, basketball, and baseball.

I can't lie: it was awful.

In addition to Will being way too young for it, I didn't think it was structured appropriately.  Think three drills in a one hour span...  That's 20-25 minutes of kicking a soccer ball to a partner!  Totally painful.  I spent the majority of this class encouraging Will to participate, trying to keep him focused, taking yet another trip to the water fountain, all with Amelia teetering on my hip.

Then when it was time to do something more fun, say, shooting a basketball in the hoop...?  You're divided into two groups, waiting in lines that are 7-10 kids deep.  Yeah...  Not fun.  By the time it was finally Will's turn, I was literally picking him up off the floor while he's all, "No, Mommy, I rolling."

AND, have you any idea how long it takes children in the 3-5 year range to hit a baseball that is being thrown to them?  Of course we must wait for Every. Single. Child. to hit the ball AND run the bases ('No, Clarence, this way!  Clarence, where are you going?'  This way!'  and 'Don't forget to cheer on your friends!').  Yay!  Not.

Folks, this is the stuff nightmares are made of.  Although, the video below is kind of cute, I think.

Amelia: Go, Will, go!  No, seriously go.  Get your ass off the bench and actually participate in this $45 class.

Will was hilar with this 'dot' business.  He took the directions to stay on the dot very seriously.  Like, when he wanted to get a drink, he'd take the dot with him.  LOL forever. 
IMG_5292 IMG_5298

So, Will, now that you've completed sports development class, what are you going to do next???


Nadine said...

Yay for Disney! You are going to have an awesome trip!

Rebecca said...

So what, t-ball isn't "in" any more, Stafford County?