Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We survived a long road trip with our children.

Last Thursday, a day after Will turned three, we packed up the car and drove to Massachusetts. It took us 10.5 hours to drive there (Thanks, in part, to Mike's GPS inspired detour through downtown Newark during rush hour - which ticked me off just a little.  Ask me later about his GPS inspired detour through the Bronx two trips ago.) and 8.5 hours to drive back.

It's OK, you can think we're crazy for doing such a trip with a 3 year old and 4 month old. But, I have to say, the kids were AMAZING little travelers. IMG_5270

And, really, what's better than Fall in New England? IMG_5082

Will lucked out with another birthday party. However, this time he had to share with his Grammy (who turned 83 on the 28th). IMG_5097
Will likes to sing 'Happy Birthday' to himself.

I still can't believe how many gifts he got.   IMG_5121

We finally got to meet little cousin Brendan. IMG_5052

Who wasn't too interested in having his picture taken with the others.  The best I got...IMG_5063-4

Will, on the other hand, was surprisingly cooperative. IMG_5070-2

He loves his 'Melia. Most of the time. IMG_5075
Amelia: "Help!"

Everyone loves Amelia.
IMG_5125 IMG_5045 IMG_5117
I'm finally in a picture and it's blurry!!

Unfortunately we had a gross, rainy weekend.  Sunday cleared up just enough for us to get out a bit.  Aunt Becky treated us to an outing at Davis Farmland.

Will wasn't really interested in feeding the animals, but he liked watching others do it. IMG_5170 IMG_5174

Yeah, I did the face paint. He's supposed to be a kitty. He added the orange line. IMG_5159

I wish this place was near us. Everyone loved the farm. IMG_5167

See? Everyone. IMG_5229 IMG_5206 IMG_5219

Will heard there were race cars and was so excited. I'm not sure this is what he had in mind, but he made it around the track once. IMG_5241

Aunt Becky, however.... IMG_5237

We rounded out our weekend with a trip to my FAVORITE ice cream place: Kimball Farm. IMG_5250
Yeah, per the usual, he ate about two bites and that was it. 

IMG_5257 IMG_5263
Amelia was very ready for bed at this point.  Obviously.

I'm not sure when we'll brave this trip again, so it was extra special.


Nadine said...

I'm so glad the trip went well! :)

Rebecca said...

And don't forget - the Patriots won! And Mike's team lost. So pretty much as good of a weekend you can get without the sun. that I have chocolate all over my mouth in that one picture... :)

Amy said...

Wow, brave. I am afaid to drive over 20 miles, lol. Bennett hates the car though he is getting better :) You look great too by the way! I'm late and behind but happy birthday, will! I can't believe how big he looks to me now. Sigh. 3. Cue tears :)