Friday, November 30, 2012

Amelia is 6 months. Already.

The other day I came across this picture. Those rolls. That smile. It literally took my breath away. IMG_1169

But to be clear, you pretty much thought that hat was the worst thing ever. IMG_1170
I, of course, think it's adorable and plan to use it for another upcoming baby girl (Ohhhh, Nadine!).

I find myself looking back, thinking, 'How could it be that you were once so small?'  And, yet, I wonder how it is possible that you are not still this small.  I mean, we just brought you home.  Yesterday, wasn't it?

6 (really, 6 and a half) months that went way, way too fast.

Oh my, how we have grown to love you.
Can it always be this sweet?  Please?


The sleep thing is coming around.  You've settled into two naps a day, and lately, only wake once at night.  Whether you go right back to sleep after a feeding is up in the air, but we're getting back on track.  In fact, you slept through the night twice this week and I, for one, couldn't have been happier.  I may be crazy, but several times this week, after taking you up to start sleepy-time rituals, you started crying.  I'm starting to wonder if you already realize that your room equals bedtime.

Things that make you happy: jumping(!), your brother, when people (even those you don't know) talk to you, seeing Daddy in the morning, eating, toys (you examine everything!), crinkle sounds, tummy bubbles, imitating us (fake coughing, crinkle nose sniffling - so adorable), bathtime.

It's still amazing to me how effortlessly you have blended into our family.  And your brother?  He's head over heels.  Seriously, he can not help but baby talk you all sweet-like, hug you, kiss you.  He has this little chant/dance he does to make you laugh, and when you reward him with one, his day is complete.
IMG_2823 IMG_4186 IMG_4369

Is it wrong that your pout face makes me smile this much (I'm smiling real big right now)?

We are elbow deep in solids.  Sometimes you like it, sometimes you don't.  Your interest definitely grows with each passing day.  In fact, when I put you in your high chair, you whine until I start feeding you.
IMG_5276 IMG_5872

So you are like a real baby now.  You roll all over, you push up on all fours (like I said before, crawling will happen soon - I'm quite sure).  You sit like a pro (most of the time), though I kinda really miss this froggy pose.

Teeth.  Oh man.  You are not a fun teether.  So far you have two on the bottom with another two ready to pop out on top.  Even the doc commented on your swollen gums at your appointment the other day.  An amber necklace and some pain meds seem to help here and there.  Somehow you manage to keep a smile on your face.  People love to ask, "Is she always this happy?"  Yup.  Pretty much.

And look at you now.  16 pounds, 4 ounces of total cuteness.  All set to celebrate your very first Christmas.

We love you, sweet baby girl. Can't wait to see what the next 6 months have in store. Hopefully they'll go by a little slower, though.


Nadine said...

I love the hat! I find it hard to believe that she is six months old already!

Amy said...

Her faces are priceless. Her rolls, ah, they kill me! can't believe how fast it's going, it needs to slow down!

Rebecca said...

Fastest 6 months ever!

Christen Sanderson said...

Love this. She is so precious!