Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We've been keeping some odd hours around here. And by odd, I mean, should NEVER be allowed unless you're between the ages of 18-24. Four nights of the last seven, Will has randomly woken and stayed awake for HOURS (think 10:00-2:30, 12:00-2, etc).

In other sucky sleeping news, it's been two months since Amelia last slept through the night.

 Exhibit A: Playtime in the exersaucer at 12:38 AM. IMG_6057
At least 'Golden Girls' was on.

Did you know we had a hurricane come through Virginia?  Sure ya did.  Well, it was basically a non-event for us (fortunately!), and only served as an annoyance that kept us cooped up for a couple of days.  But Mike got to stay home, so that was good.

We had to find things to do to stay busy.  Will and I made ghost cupcakes, did arts and crafts (until he told me it was 'too boring'), played with cars (his favorite thing to do lately), and of course, watched Halloween episodes of Nick Jr and Disney Jr shows until I thought my eyeballs would explode.

OH, we dressed like a mummy, too.

Jump, jump.  Working on that second tooth.

We carved our pumpkin.  Hate that it had to be done indoors.  Poor lighting = poor pictures.
IMG_6081 IMG_6095

I spent the night before Halloween cutting bats and pumpkins from construction paper and hanging them with ribbon on Will's bedroom doorway.  I was so excited for him to see them the next morning.  Unfortunately for me, that exciting moment came at 3 AM when I heard "Look at that!!" from the hallway.  Of course.

And, unfortunately for Will, Mean Mommy reared her ugly head when I told him if he didn't get back in bed RIGHTNOW he wasn't going trick or treating the next day.  He told me I was 'not nice,' but relented and went back to sleep.

The next morning we pretended the whole thing never happened and had orange pumpkin pancakes (and orange milk, too!).

Yawning away after Mommy woke him up at 9.

"Mmmmmmmmm, yummy!"

Even Amelia had an orange breakfast: carrots!  Yeah, not a fan.
IMG_6108 IMG_6115

Our special lunch outing was a pizza party at the county gymnastics center.  I was especially excited about this since I've been debating signing Will up for a class for months now.
Such a cute little fireman.  I nonchalantly 'forgot' the loud siren horn that accompanied this costume (note empty jacket loop).

Saying 'Hi, Mommy!' during the costume parade.
IMG_6136 IMG_6137

Because of his age, Will was allowed to be in the no-parent-needed group.

This was definitely the hardest part for him-- listening to the directions BEFORE getting started...
I felt the need to jump in occasionally and remind him to listen to his teacher first.  He told me, "I beary much want to do that."


Spent two hours in the Moby and wasn't even mad about it.  Love her.

Will did really great.  Our only time at the center before this event was during open gym when Will can do whatever he wants.  It was a little tough for him in the start, but once he realized the routine and flow, he went right along with it.
And finally, after hearing "Is it time yet?" all day, we went trick-or treating.  I still do the candy in the bowl on the doorstep thing, even though I just know one group empties the whole thing.  Our street doesn't have sidewalks and we really don't get a ton of kids.  But I can't take my kid out for candy and not leave some for others.  It's no big deal, really.  Besides, I left peanut M & Ms.  They can have 'em.

I'm so bummed I didn't get these two dressed fast enough to take some pictures before it got dark.

Will was quite the conversationalist this year, charming many around him.  My favorite part was when someone asked him to put their fire out and he pretended to.  With his penis.  Ah, yeah...

And our little froggy made it to 7:30 before she needed to come home early for bed.  Happy 1st Halloween, Baby Girl!

I'm certainly in no rush for her to grow up, but I kinda can't wait to have the both of them running around together next year.


Rebecca said...

Hey, I thought you were getting the use out of the dog costume? And I am blown away that you don't get a lot of trick or treaters - side walk or not - where do all the kids in your neighborhood go? I could have sworn I saw a lot of kid toys around the block?

Amy said...

You always crack me up as does Will. I think if we lived close, they would get along like two peas in a pod :) Sleep sucks here too if that makes you feel better :) Bennett reverse cycled since i've been back at work and brady just forgot how to sleep. We have a 3 yo screening through our school district and the questionnaire asked about normal sleep habits, my answer was never. :) I love her little faces too. She's so cute. I am excited to start solids with benny too, hope it will chunk him up a bit more since he's a tiny munckin :) I also noticed, i use a lot of damn smiles. too many for this early in the am, ha ha!