Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just thankful.

Following the initial let down of the return home from an amazing vacation, there's the inevitable settle... When coming home to what's familiar is comforting and returning to routine is somewhat of a relief.

We haven't left the house much and that's been OK with us. November2012023

On Sunday we celebrated my 31st birthday. While I've barely come to terms with turning 30, it came anyway. November2012025

Actually, if I'm being completely truthful, I find myself feeling immense gratitude this week, so I suppose it's only fitting that Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  At 31, I feel incredibly fortunate.  An amazing husband, two fabulous (and oh-so-cute) kids, home, health, happiness.  There is much to be grateful for.

Will spent the better part of this day feeling 'so grumpies,' but perked up a bit when it was time for birthday cake.  Ah, the life of a three year old.

Also feeling grateful for happy dinner times as of late.  Usually they're something we rush through on our way to baths and bedtime (OH, bedtime!), but this week...  Dare I say it?  They've actually been enjoyable.

Amelia has found her voice and loves to squeal and shriek.  In fact, all this excitement got us kicked out of the library.  I'm serious.  It went something like this, "Hi.  Yes, you're a happy girl, aren't you?  But, unfortunately there's no separation between the kids' and adults' sections, so if you can't get her to stop...."

Nothing but trouble.

Meanwhile, this guy--
"This my old I am!"  I love him.

The Will-isms continue to fly.  Today we had an in-depth conversation of his plans to poop on the ceiling fan.  Apparently he has it all mapped out.  He's going to get the ladder from the garage, put it on Mommy's bed, climb up to the fan, and poop on it.  When I asked him how he planned on carrying and lifting the heavy ladder all by himself, he assured me he's strong because he eats all his food.  Well then...

But my favorite of the day --
Me: So, Buddy, do you think we should have another baby?
Will: No. That's enough.

On that note, we are thankful for this gorgeous little creature who completes our family.  She is nothing but sweetness and joy.  We are smitten.  Will included, even if he hints at the contrary.

We are thankful for the first cozy fire of the season.
Don't worry, he's just itching.  OK.  I'm lying.

And, lastly, feeling grateful for moments like this...

Tomorrow we will celebrate Thanksgiving at my mom's (and, can I add how extremely thankful I am for not having to cook??). We will stuff ourselves full and get ready for the Patriots game.

 Oooooo, the Jets, I'm so scared. IMG_7543


Happy Turkey Day!

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Jaqueline Sanchez said...

I swear you have the CUTEST babies!!! Amelia is too adorable!!! Makes me want to have another one...SIKE!!! I'll get my 'baby fix' by looking at the pics of baby Amelia :)