Monday, November 5, 2012

Things we did today.

Co-sleeping. This is what it really looks like -- IMG_6379

Did some cleaning.  Why didn't I think of this gem of an idea months ago?IMG_6382
Will said, "I a good helper!"

Practiced sitting.IMG_6391

She's getting pretty good. IMG_6393

Spent the whole day at home. I have a small cold, Will has a bigger one, and Amelia has none (and I'm hoping it stays that way). IMG_6396 IMG_6400

Played find the baby. Get it - 'cause she matches her sheet? Yeah... IMG_6413 IMG_6412 IMG_6418

Bundled up to get some fresh air while Amelia was taking an afternoon nap. There will be a lot of raking happening in the coming weeks.
  IMG_6443IMG_6451 IMG_6457

And on the agenda for the next few days: lots of laundry, packing, and heading to Disney World on Thursday. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!


Erin said...

I want to fly to VA just to squeeze her legs. XO

Watch Calder Grow! said...

Love the polka dot pics. She is so freaking adorable!