Sunday, November 18, 2012

We're going on a trip!

Will repeated that in a sing-songy voice during our entire week away.  I'm not sure, but I think it's from Little Einsteins ("We're going on a trip in our favorite rocketship...").  Now it's all a little sad since it must be sung past tense.  We went on a trip.  To Disney World.  And now we're home.  From Disney World.  Such a let down.

The first capture of our magical vacation.  Will stripping down about five minutes after arriving at our 'Disney World house' and jumping in the hot tub.  A boy after my own heart.

We rented a three (upgraded to a four) bedroom villa, which, I believe, was key to our sanity.  A true home away from home.

Everyone had their own space for rest.  Mike and I enjoyed the hot tub after the kiddos' bedtime.  We were so close to the parks we could hear the fireworks at night.  Amazing.

See?  Happy baby ready to take on the Disney World.
November2012011 November2012036

Our first adventure would prove to be one of my favorites: a character breakfast at the Polynesian resort.  My luau princess.

Will didn't know Lilo and Stitch, so he wasn't terribly excited to see them at first.

Not too sure...  Though Stitch quickly won him over by putting his lei over his ear.  Will thought it was hysterical and still talks about it.


But the real reason we booked this breakfast: the main mouse himself.  Will literally fell out of his chair right after I snapped this.
November2012058 November2012104

Hands down one of my favorite Disney memories:  good food, insanely happy children, the excitement of our first day there, and meeting Mickey.  Can't beat it.

From breakfast, we headed off to Animal Kingdom.  In hindsight, I'm not sure we'd do this park again.  I just don't think there were enough attractions to keep Will entertained.  He actually seemed a little bored at first which led to some behavior issues.

He perked up a bit when we did the safari ride.

And you can't beat a Disney parade.  I'm such a dork for these parades.
November2012183 November2012184

The next day we browsed Downtown Disney for some shopping.  We had insane weather - mid 70s all week.  Perfection.

A quick snapshot of Will and the most expensive ice cream he will ever eat (courtesy of Ghiradelli).

We even found a couple of rides to do.  His seriousness cracks me up.
November2012044 November2012058

Eating at T-Rex is a must.  A must.  So fun (though Will would tell you it was 'just a little bit scary').

Another must?  Personalized Mickey ears for my two kiddos.

Breaking away from Disney for a day, we went to Universal Studios Island of Adventures.  Mike is a bit of a Harry Potter geek, so this was a must for him.

Dr. Suess land.  So adorbs.
November2012148 November2012129 November2012150 November2012156 November2012159 November2012169

Amelia and I posed with this character while the boys were on the 'basket roller coaster'.  I am not a Harry Potter geek so I had to ask Mike later who she was.

Mike and Will on a Jurassic Park ride.  The sign said a 30 minute wait - it was actually 70.  Mike was not so happy with the gal at the gate and actually told her so, which is totally not like him.

I do not think November is too early for all things Christmas.  In fact, I was tempted to set up my tree this weekend.  Mostly because I have a Christmas card photo idea in mind and wanted to get started, but also because I'm a Christmas nerd.  I was all kinds of excited when I found out we'd be there during the start of the Mickey Christmas parties at Magic Kingdom.  We were so there.

7pm-Midnight.  I will never forget the four of us riding Dumbo at 11:30 at night.  The kids loved it, too.
November2012259 November2012307 November2012316

But, one of my favorite pictures of the evening festivities wasn't related to Xmas at all.  I laugh every time I look at this.  For real.
Dude went on the Thunder Mountain roller coaster three times in one day, but the Buzz Lightyear ride?  Yeah, that one is apparently 'a little bit scary.'

Lucky for us, we got to return to Magic Kingdom for another day.
Cut her second tooth and turned 6 months.  Total cuteness.

I'm normally a just-say-no-to-character-clothing kind of girl.  But, when in Rome...  Or more like, when in Target and you spy some things on the sale rack (because Rome is rather expensive).
Honestly, Disney World had me feeling all kinds of magic.  I'm shocked I didn't get myself the t-shirt and matching mouse ears.

One of our first stops at the Magic Kingdom on this day was the pirate barber shop for a Jake makeover.
IMG_7326 IMG_7334

Will beginning his transformation...
IMG_7339 IMG_7347 IMG_7349 IMG_7351 IMG_7363

Yo ho, let's go!  Pretty sure the sword was his favorite part.
He lasted about an hour in this garb.

IMG_7403-2 IMG_7409

We had our other character meal at the Magic Kingdom: lunch with the Hundred Acres Woods crew.

Tigger was pretty much in love with my baby.

Amelia had some naps here and there.

True to form, she was an amazing sport and easy to take around all day, every day.

We love Disney World.  I already want to go back.

Until next time...


Nadine said...

What an amazing trip! I am so glad you had such an awesome time! :)

Amy said...

WOw, looks amazingly fun! I can't wait to take my kiddos! Amelia's faces kill me. She is too much with those sweet rolls!