Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lunch with Santa 2012

Last Friday morning, we were having a lazy morning. I was feeding the baby in bed while Will watched a show next to us. Suddenly it dawned on me... I signed us up for lunch with Santa weeks ago, let me make sure I'm remembering the correct day...

 Of course not. Lunch with Santa was that day. In one hour's time. In a mad dash, I got myself ready, the kids dressed, and hopped in the car. We were 15 minutes late. All things considered, not terrible. But I hate all the chaos and disorganization that seems to surround us lately.

 I usually love the holidays - and I still do - but I'm ready for them to be over. I'm ready to get this move over. I just want to feel settled.  On a positive note, my camera came back to life for the event.  Now let's see if I can stretch it to Christmas.

"I so excited, Mommy!"

We did a couple of crafts.

We played some games.
IMG_8056 xmasparty

Due to my lack of planning, Amelia didn't nap before the event.  I was hoping she'd have a little catnap in the car on the way there, but that was a no go.  By the time we ate lunch, she was a screaming hot mess of tiredness.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Crying, crying, crying.  I was working so hard to get her calm (and to sleep), that I failed to notice Will helping the random woman across from us dip her carrot stick into her ranch dressing.

*Dip, dip*  "Here ya go!"

Someday I will laugh about that, but I was beyond embarrassed.  Then, of course, Amelia finally fell asleep in my arms and it was time for our picture with Santa.  Nice.

Not too bad, all things considered.
IMG_8077 IMG_8082

Santa: What do you want me to bring you for Christmas, Will?
Will: I already have a Mickey Mouse train!
Santa: Do you want anything else?
Will: ......
Santa: Should I just surprise you?
Me: Tell Santa what you want, Buddy.  What is it you said you wanted?
Santa: OK, then, here are some treats.  Merry Christmas!
Me: Oh, wow!  Say 'thank you.'

Last year we sort of did Elf on a Shelf.  We didn't get into the whole 'don't touch him' thing and I just kind of hid him around.  But this year we read the book, and named him, the whole bit.  It's just that I waited until yesterday to start since I didn't want to drag it out for too long.  Will was equally mystified and horrified by this creature.  Mostly horrified.

His name is Light.  Yeah...  Last night I explained to Will that Light was going to hide and he could find him in the morning.  Will asked me in a petrified voice, "He gonna hide in a box in my closet?"  He made me carry him around the house this morning (I literally had to carry him), he was so scared of 'Light, the elf' creepily lurking somewhere.

But then he finally spotted him after school and laughed about him eating M and Ms.  I think we've decided he's not so scary after all.  I think.

Now, on to our next segment: What I've been pinning and actually doing.

I was hoping to do a pin a day, but December is just too crazy right now.

For starters, and this isn't too crazy...  A Christmas chandelier.
Just a strand of garland wrapped around.  I skipped the ribbons.  I guess it looks kind of weird, but at least it hides the hideous brass fixture (uhhhhhh, no offense if you have hideous brass fixtures in your house, ok?)

This project.  Since Will loves to use his scissors, I decided to let him cut out the 'lights' by himself.  And this is pretty indicative of his attention span for arts and crafts.  Yup.

My Pinterest fail.  Wanted to do a wreath with Will's hand prints and Amelia's foot prints.  Not sure why I'd attempt something round on a rectangular canvas (original pin had this design on a plate).  I might paint over it and try a Xmas tree with the same idea.  Or I might not since time isn't exactly on my side right now.

And my other Pinterest fail - the popular felt Xmas tree.  Ok, I'm only labeling this a fail because I spent about an hour and a half of my life cutting (not easy to cut felt, btw) and hot gluing, all for about 30 seconds of enjoyment.  Seriously, Will couldn't care less.  Maybe Amelia will like it someday.  Also, I used felt I had already purchased for a project for Amelia that never actually happened, which is why it's a pink and green tree.

In closing, please enjoy my next segment: Go Patriots!

Baby Amelia today.

Baby Will in May 2010.


Anonymous said...
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Rebecca said...

I'll admit, I always thought the elf was kind of creepy. But since Aunt Becky BOUGHT Elf on the Shelf, she would really really like Will to like it,and not be scared. So more M&M's. Whatever works.

On a separate note, you totally know if Papa had seen Elf on the Shelf he would have told Will about the "little people" and their damn fire in the bedroom.

Christen Sanderson said...

Haha! I was seriously laughing out loud at that elf eating M+M's! We've been using Santa and his giant bag of toys to get Adelyn to listen these days. Never thought I would be one of those parents...one who bribes...but I sure am. It beats tantrums any day!