Wednesday, December 19, 2012


It was an ordinary Friday.

 Amelia turned 7 months. IMG_8121_zps5e97cf75

Will played 'Number 4.' And by 'played,' I mean he slid all the pieces in while saying, "I going to block you." When it comes to board games, we're getting there. IMG_8130_zps5c0558ef

"Here, 'Melia, you can play, too."   IMG_8140_zpsc393f818

But breakfast and playtime aside, we all know that it was not an ordinary Friday.  Not even close.
IMG_8131_zps1bc7a0e4 IMG_8142_zps2b29c029

Words cannot adequately express the sadness.  Or how lucky I feel to have these two monkeys.

Then, overnight, Amelia got sick.  I don't get to wear my doctor hat often, but after Amelia barked like a seal, I knew something was wrong.  I brought her to the pediatrician and was told she most likely had a virus that would run its course.  She has been miserable.

Since Amelia has to stay in, that means Will does too.  He's been slightly cooped up.

"Look, Mommy, I kinda like a ghost!"

"Read this to me, Mommy!"

Last night, after her fever hit 102, I brought Amelia to an urgent care center.  She was diagnosed with a bacterial infection and placed on antibiotics.  Then we followed up at the pediatrician's today and got a real diagnosis.

Would you believe me if I told you this girl was diagnosed with RSV this afternoon?

We were sent home with a nebulizer and are doing treatments at home.

And hoping, hoping, hoping she feels better soon.  At least in time for Christmas.  I mean, can you imagine??

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Christen Sanderson said...

Poor girl! So sorry to hear she was so sick!