Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

I haven't been blogging much.  I haven't been the best picture-taker either.  But we've still been plenty busy enjoying the most wonderful time of the year.

 Last week we went to a breakfast with Santa event that a little bakery downtown was hosting.  photo IMG_5596_zpsb144f8cb.jpg

Amelia was her usual charming self. She's not the easiest toddler to take out lately.  photo IMG_5591_zps73a459f9.jpg

Will has seen Santa several times now this season, which, while it's fun to have many holiday events to attend, I feel like it takes away from Santa's magic when he basically becomes the buddy you see every few days.

Here's Will talking Santa's ear off about his Superman shoes, brown shoes, and other important shoe stuff.
 photo IMG_5601_zps14e767c4.jpg
Santa kept trying to get him to stop talking and look at the camera.  Not happening, My Friend.

Amelia was not interested in seeing Santa on this day.
 photo IMG_5599_zps975245e0.jpg

Oh, Will.
 photo IMG_5612_zps92f106a1.jpg

Cookies from Santa!
 photo IMG_5615_zpsee37fccc.jpg  photo IMG_5618_zps4f82dae9.jpg

Will's preschool had a holiday concert and we were all very excited to watch him sing!
 photo IMG_5625_zpsb471499a.jpg

Except...  Will didn't sing.  During this song he moved his mouth like he was singing, but he was definitely faking.

Finally, he decided to stop faking and just have a seat.
 photo IMG_5641_zps3d8d8b6c.jpg

Then his teacher made him stand up so he decided to show a little girl his tummy.
 photo IMG_5642_zpsd538d768.jpg

Maybe he will sing next year.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone. We had a great day and since we went to Grandma's, I didn't have to cook. Yessssssss.  photo IMG_5446_zps3aeb3d68.jpg

Amelia enjoyed helping out in the kitchen.
 photo IMG_5449_zpse3c0690b.jpg  photo IMG_5455_zps700bf201.jpg

 photo IMG_5448_zps68a290b1.jpg  photo IMG_5452_zps0709fd79.jpg

According to Will, turkey is his favorite chicken.
 photo IMG_5463_zpsfc7a5fbc.jpg

After dinner we went to the Gaylord resort to see the Ice show.  Will hugged Gingy and would NOT let go.
 photo IMG_5466_zps9d18edcc.jpg

And Amelia... Eh.  Not a fan.
 photo IMG_5468_zpsd8c0baac.jpg

Because the show is kept at 9 degrees we had to get all bundled up.
 photo IMG_5471_zps2add3428.jpg  photo IMG_5483_zpsb7c5b848.jpg

Cold, but fun.
 photo IMG_5489_zps726c8cf7.jpg  photo IMG_5492_zps974574fc.jpg

Amelia got stuck on the ice slide and just sat there.  They even broke out the long hook to try to get her down, but she refused to grab it.  Finally, they allowed the 'one at a time' rule to be broken so I could slide down and rescue her.
 photo IMG_5498_zpsb77a69c8.jpg

Will, however, required no assistance.
 photo IMG_5503_zpsf30005fd.jpg  photo IMG_5508_zps4a6f4ca1.jpg

We ended with a ride on the train.  Fun times.
 photo IMG_5522_zpsf8f5a2e0.jpg

Now we're getting ready for Christmas with two very excited kids (and one extremely excited puppy). Will expects it to start snowing any day now because that's what he always sees on TV.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life, lately.

The weather has taken a turn and it's definitely feeling like winter. We've been spending waaaay too much time inside.

 Playing with blocks...  photo IMG_5323_zps52453d7d.jpg

Smelling our feet.  Amelia says, "Phew!"  To be honest, she does have stinky feet. photo IMG_5333_zps04d183c5.jpg

A few days ago, Santa paid a visit to our neighborhood. Will, list in hand, was ready (and excited!) to have some face time with the big guy.  photo November2013003_zpsd8989889.jpg

Can you tell his list was created from the commercials he sees on Nickelodeon between Paw Patrol episodes?
 photo November2013004_zps7b58d8b6.jpg

Santa asked Will if he's been naughty or nice this year and he responded, "Just a little bit bad."  Santa thanked him for his honesty.
 photo IMG_5429_zps89d3b321.jpg

Amelia wasn't too sure.
 photo IMG_5435-2_zpsa3ca3659.jpg  photo IMG_5437_zps56b364e6.jpg

But then she warmed up.
 photo IMG_5444_zps13f39d84.jpg

Wishing everyone a relaxing holiday weekend!
 photo IMG_5138_zps9f416e83.jpg

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Just a video of our talkative girl.  I have a nearly identical video of Will at the same age.  How time flies.  Sigh....

Thursday, November 14, 2013

18 months

Today was a big day. Amelia celebrated her half birthday. 18 months already.  photo IMG_5281_zpsf09a62ad.jpg

To say Amelia is a handful is a bit of an understatement.  While she is more content to play independently than Will has ever been (even now at 4 years old), she's also very busy.  For instance, this morning when I was getting dressed I heard her yelling, "All wet!  All wet!"  I found her sitting in the sink in the hall bathroom with the water pouring all over her.  She's obsessed with brushing her teeth and will scale the toilet to get to the sink.

She still climbs up on the kitchen island constantly.  She has me wondering how much longer she'll be in her crib.

She prefers to throw her food all over the floor in lieu of eating it.

She talks soooo much.  One of my favorite phrases: There ya go!
 photo IMG_5279_zps8fe7b6a9.jpg

After two very cold days we were all feeling a bit cooped up (Bailey especially), so we decided to go for a hike in the woods behind our house.
 photo IMG_5244_zps4c32e266.jpg

A boy and his dog.  They don't always get along, but when they do, it's special.
 photo IMG_5248_zpsd5f6088a.jpg  photo IMG_5246_zpsd92d0949.jpg

We took a little break and had a snack while we watched Bailey jump in the creek and run around like a maniac.
 photo IMG_5256_zps399c6082.jpg  photo IMG_5271_zpse060d15f.jpg
Note Bailey in the background stealing Will's stick.  Poor Will was quite upset.

He's such a troublemaker.
 photo IMG_5262_zpsbf9cfb58.jpg

Will helped me make some Rice Krispies treats (or, really, Crispy Rice treats because we're rolling in generics around here) to celebrate Amelia's big day.

We only had a pillar candle, but she didn't know what to do with it anyway.  Of course Will was more than willing to help her blow it out.
 photo IMG_5290_zpse4bcdfaf.jpg  photo IMG_5294_zps1bebba26.jpg

 photo IMG_5301_zps4c9c485c.jpg  photo IMG_5305_zps65ca378d.jpg
Yes, his shirt is inside out.

It's obvious why she's Bailey's favorite.
 photo IMG_5302_zps8054bf5f.jpg

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Contest Winners

So a few weeks ago, when I posted about the Patriots photo contest I entered begging for your votes... Yeah, we won. After 12 days of harassing friends for 'likes,' we ended up with over 5,000 votes, landing us in 3rd place.

 Since Mike has no interest in the Patriots (or the Steelers), it was a given that my cousin Becky would go with me. And after some deliberating, we decided the kids would stay home with Dad and Grandma. That's right. For a whole 48 hours, I was blissfully separated from my children. Yeah, I love them, but a little time away is good for all of us.

I flew up on Saturday afternoon and spent time with family (including a delish Chinese dinner and early birthday cake).

Then on Sunday, Becky and I were on our way.
 photo IMG_5031_zpsb27ea80a.jpg  photo IMG_5036_zps2c14824f.jpg

Our prize included tickets to the game, a VIP parking pass, a tent, cooler full of water and soda, two chairs, two can coolers, a fire pit, grill utensil set, two sweatshirts, two hats, bean bag toss, a fleece blanket, and 10 mini pizzas.

Here was the team coming to 'flip our tailgate.'  Or, just set up our tailgate since we didn't have much of one to start with.
 photo IMG_5037_zps2c5242bb.jpg  photo IMG_5038_zpsee9bb1e8.jpg

Becky and I laughed forever over the image of us sitting over our cold grill eating pizza, tailgating just the two of us.  However, with the help of the Patriots photographer, we managed to get a fire going.  We burned some hot dogs, handed out pizzas to people around us in an effort to make friends, played bean bag toss with aforementioned 'friends,' and helped ourselves to a neighboring couples' champagne.
 photo IMG_5042_zpsf9c052a8.jpg  photo IMG_5046_zpse4db35c3.jpg  photo IMG_5047_zpse6ff4ba8.jpg  photo IMG_5049_zps2081aeab.jpg

 photo IMG_5056_zps4c301279.jpg

Did you know the Red Sox won the World Series?
 photo IMG_5071_zps228f7ead.jpg

While the parking pass was for VIP, the seats really weren't.  Yeah, we were kind of high.  But that's OK.  It was still great.
 photo IMG_5083_zpsd50ec333.jpg  photo IMG_5085_zps5dff3c4a.jpg  photo IMG_5092_zpsda862d41.jpg  photo IMG_5098_zpse77520a1.jpg

I asked the prize coordinator if the winners got a meeting with Tom Brady.  She ignored my question.  Unfortunately, this incredibly zoomed image is as close we got.  Next time, Tom.  Next time.
 photo IMG_5101_zps7367b603.jpg

The Patriots won by a lot.  So. Much. Fun.
 photo IMG_5105_zps7ad834cc.jpg

Because no post is complete without a little something about the kids, here's a video I took of them dancing last month.

 And in case you were wondering, they did great without me. I think I need to go away more often.