Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hello, 75 degrees

So, yesterday our freakish weather took a turn for the better. It felt like spring and, since neither kid felt like having an afternoon nap, we went exploring. Off to one of the new neighborhood parks. IMG_8835_zps976b19fb photo IMG_8835_zps976b19fb.jpg IMG_8836_zps1685a029 photo IMG_8836_zps1685a029.jpg

Admit it.  You're loving Amelia's shoes, aren't you?

IMG_8849_zps2cd303bf photo IMG_8849_zps2cd303bf.jpg

After snapping a few pics of Will in the baby swings, it suddenly dawned on me that he looked utterly ridiculous.  I told him it's time for the big boy swings.
swings_zps30d7e9e7 photo swings_zps30d7e9e7.jpg

Baby swings are for babies.
IMG_8880_zps9624148c photo IMG_8880_zps9624148c.jpg

It was so amazing to be outside on such a beautiful day.  Now, back to winter.  33 degrees by Friday.  Boo.
IMG_8865_zpse58d86ec photo IMG_8865_zpse58d86ec.jpg

Monday, January 28, 2013

We moved!

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind.

We bought the home we will raise our family in, which was terribly exciting, but Mike and I did all the moving on our own. As in, we'd put the kids to bed and move furniture in single digit temperatures. Yeah... It pretty much sucked. IMG_8714_zps0c745f89 photo IMG_8714_zps0c745f89.jpg

The toughest part, however, was not having any help with the kids. Somehow we managed to keep them fed, clothed, and properly pampered in between moving tables, couches, beds, and so on.

 I'm pretty sure we achieved rock star status by all that we accomplished on our own. IMG_8722_zps1d549397 photo IMG_8722_zps1d549397.jpg

Two weeks ago we were under a winter storm warning with a predicted snow total of 4-6 inches.  Will and I went out to purchase a sled and snow boots.  He was so excited.  Unfortunately, we got a grand total of 0.  Will kept looking out the window and sadly asking, "Where's my snow?"

Well, the snow decided to wait until after our move.  Our first full day in the new house, with only unpacking on the schedule, we awoke to a blanket of white.
IMG_8739_zpse763d27e photo IMG_8739_zpse763d27e.jpg
Loving the woods behind our house.

It was perfect.
IMG_8748_zpsc56ad7de photo IMG_8748_zpsc56ad7de.jpg Willinthesnow_zps25f3fe67 photo Willinthesnow_zps25f3fe67.jpg IMG_8753_zps7db9f5dd photo IMG_8753_zps7db9f5dd.jpg IMG_8761_zpsdc555066 photo IMG_8761_zpsdc555066.jpg

We live on a cul-de-sac and our neighborhood has sidewalks and hiking trails and parks.  So far we are loving it.
willandthebackpack_zpsc2070780 photo willandthebackpack_zpsc2070780.jpg
Will was determined to pack his backpack with the perfect toys for a walk with Ellie.

The setting up part of this move has been slow going.  The two kiddos aren't letting me accomplish much during the day.  But we will get there.  All in good time.
IMG_8778-4_zps41c3e63d photo IMG_8778-4_zps41c3e63d.jpg

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting ready to move

We have T-minus 3 days until The Big Move. Packing has been a slow process since day to day life with the two kiddos usually commands most of my attention. We are getting there. While I should, perhaps, be doing something more productive, a Lifetime movie and updating this here blog is far more appealing.

 Is there anything a three year old boy loves more than Hot Wheels? IMG_8620_zpsec520ec2 photo IMG_8620_zpsec520ec2.jpg

Oh, we are definitely in the Hot Wheels phase. Will does this funny thing where he loads them into a red toy bin and totes them all over the house. Amelia recognizes The Red Bin and makes a bee-line towards it whenever possible. IMG_8660_zpsc7680d62 photo IMG_8660_zpsc7680d62.jpg

Will almost always snatches it away (along with whatever cars she manages to grab) with a stern "No, 'Melia." IMG_8663_zps9cf2a51e photo IMG_8663_zps9cf2a51e.jpg

Sorry, Amelia, you're on your own there.  And, yes, I think the latch and lock puzzle is a much better choice.
IMG_8670_zps4c8e54df photo IMG_8670_zps4c8e54df.jpg

It suddenly occurred to me the other day that in two months Will will be 3 and a half.  That is just crazy.

Yesterday the chimney sweeper came and Will was enthralled with him and his tools (You have a wrench?  You have a hammer?  You gonna clean the chimney?).  When the guy finished and started to take his stuff back out to his van, Will was very concerned because he hadn't yet shown him his new snow boots.  I told him, "Don't worry, he'll be back in a minute.  He wants his money."  So the guy came back in and Will asked, "You want your money?"  The chimney guy responded, "What?"  Will said, "You want your money from that girl over there?" and gestured towards me.  The chimney guy was all, "You mean your mom?"

IMG_8693_zpsf964809f photo IMG_8693_zpsf964809f.jpg
Telling me, "I'm the king of the world!"

Then, later, some guy came out to take measurements for new carpet installation.  The guy was showing Amelia his measuring tape, which was, of course, FASCINATING, and Will said, "I think my baby likes him."
IMG_8698_zps768675fa photo IMG_8698_zps768675fa.jpg
What?  Doesn't everyone make pancakes in their undies?

Amelia loves her goofy brother.
IMG_8690_zpse11fd9d5 photo IMG_8690_zpse11fd9d5.jpg

In just a matter of days we will begin our new adventure. New home, new parks, new library, new everything. We are so very excited. Yay!

Look out, Fredericksburg!  Here come the Harmsens.
IMG_8703_zps30be5cbc photo IMG_8703_zps30be5cbc.jpg

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

8 months old.

Eight months old already. IMG_8587_zps42e5b86f

Not a fan of sleeping through the night, not a fan of napping longer than 45 minutes.  Yawn.

But happy.  All the time.  So, so happy.

I can't believe how much Amelia is doing now.  She crawls EVERYWHERE.  She claps her hands.  She's starting to babble.  She loves to eat food (Like, real food.  As in, she shared some of Will's grilled cheese sandwich and soup for lunch).  She gives hugs and sloppy wet kisses.  She even takes big girl tubbies.

How is she old enough for this already?  Ca-razy.

This duo is quite fond of each other.

IMG_8645_zps3eca7f24 IMG_8648_zps290c18db

Oh, big brothers.

Amelia, please slow down.  I kinda like you being little.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just playing


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Little Buddies

Chocolate milk. The first 20 minutes of Toy Story. A comfy blanky. The girl you want 'to be married with.' 

Life is good.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Life, lately.

So my plan to do a post every day was going swimmingly until Day 4. Bah. Oh well, with two little kids and a move to get ready for (2 weeks - GAH!), I'm doing the best I can. But I did take pictures.

 Two weeks ago, Mike and I had big plans. They involved a baby sitter, a restaurant, and a kid-free meal that we were so looking forward to (our first since Amelia's birth). Then overnight Amelia got sick and plans were canceled. Luckily we were able to re-schedule just before our sitter went back to school. The plan was to put the kids down early and have a late meal.

But Will took a 10 minute nap at 4:30 and felt rested enough to lay awake in his bed for hours. IMG_8478_zps020c9127
We still put him to bed before we left and he had no idea we were gone. His sitter sure did enjoy listening to him sing 'Happy Birthday' on repeat until he finally fell asleep.

 And look at us. The anticipation of steaks and chocolate mousse cake left us unable to keep our hands off each other.IMG_8511-2_zps3ef6c6f3
Will asked me, "Why are you wearing your flower princess clothes?" Guess I should wear real clothes more often. 

The remainder of our weekend was largely uneventful.

Amelia checked out our last fire in this house.

Will asked Mike to do one of his favorite things: "Let's wrestle, Daddy!"

Oh, he also got his face painted.  It's kind of a funny story, really.  The girls (ages 10 and 6) across the street like to peddle their services.  They regularly set up lemonade stands, ask us if they can wash our cars, etc.

On Sunday afternoon there was a knock on the door and they asked if Will wanted to have his face painted. Mike explained that we were eating dinner and maybe when we were done.  Ten minutes later....  *knock knock*  "Are you ready now?"  Ok, fine.  I threw on Will's coat and shoes and took him to their 'face paint stand.'  The mom came out when it was time to pay.  She made some small talk and we laughed about her ambitious daughters.  Then she told me they were charging a dollar or two.  I said, "Oh, I only have this 5."  "Ok," she said taking the bill. "That works."  I was dumbfounded.  Did I really just pay a 10 year old (or her mom...?) five bucks to paint a 6-legged spider on my son's cheek?

Total. Sucker.

In other not-so-entertaining news, baby Amelia is quite a fan of eating.  She screams at me if I'm not getting her food fast enough.  Baby Mum Mums have been a huge hit.

Also, I am *really* trying to teach Will his letters.  He knows a handful of them, but his short attention span has made this a difficult process.

Oh, and also, Amelia wore an ADORABLE brand new outfit today until she pooped all over it. Will said, "Get that poop out of here! I'm tired of smelling it!" And I laughed forever. The end.
Such an exciting life we lead.

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Happy New Year!