Wednesday, January 16, 2013

8 months old.

Eight months old already. IMG_8587_zps42e5b86f

Not a fan of sleeping through the night, not a fan of napping longer than 45 minutes.  Yawn.

But happy.  All the time.  So, so happy.

I can't believe how much Amelia is doing now.  She crawls EVERYWHERE.  She claps her hands.  She's starting to babble.  She loves to eat food (Like, real food.  As in, she shared some of Will's grilled cheese sandwich and soup for lunch).  She gives hugs and sloppy wet kisses.  She even takes big girl tubbies.

How is she old enough for this already?  Ca-razy.

This duo is quite fond of each other.

IMG_8645_zps3eca7f24 IMG_8648_zps290c18db

Oh, big brothers.

Amelia, please slow down.  I kinda like you being little.


Erin said...

The hug picture makes me want to cry. You can tell his eyes are crinkled up in a big smile. :) Love them both!!

Candace Chitwood said...

Happy 8 months baby girl!

Courtney R said...

Can't get over how cute she is!!! Happy 8 months, sweet girl!

Rebecca said...

God I love my munchkins.