Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting ready to move

We have T-minus 3 days until The Big Move. Packing has been a slow process since day to day life with the two kiddos usually commands most of my attention. We are getting there. While I should, perhaps, be doing something more productive, a Lifetime movie and updating this here blog is far more appealing.

 Is there anything a three year old boy loves more than Hot Wheels? IMG_8620_zpsec520ec2 photo IMG_8620_zpsec520ec2.jpg

Oh, we are definitely in the Hot Wheels phase. Will does this funny thing where he loads them into a red toy bin and totes them all over the house. Amelia recognizes The Red Bin and makes a bee-line towards it whenever possible. IMG_8660_zpsc7680d62 photo IMG_8660_zpsc7680d62.jpg

Will almost always snatches it away (along with whatever cars she manages to grab) with a stern "No, 'Melia." IMG_8663_zps9cf2a51e photo IMG_8663_zps9cf2a51e.jpg

Sorry, Amelia, you're on your own there.  And, yes, I think the latch and lock puzzle is a much better choice.
IMG_8670_zps4c8e54df photo IMG_8670_zps4c8e54df.jpg

It suddenly occurred to me the other day that in two months Will will be 3 and a half.  That is just crazy.

Yesterday the chimney sweeper came and Will was enthralled with him and his tools (You have a wrench?  You have a hammer?  You gonna clean the chimney?).  When the guy finished and started to take his stuff back out to his van, Will was very concerned because he hadn't yet shown him his new snow boots.  I told him, "Don't worry, he'll be back in a minute.  He wants his money."  So the guy came back in and Will asked, "You want your money?"  The chimney guy responded, "What?"  Will said, "You want your money from that girl over there?" and gestured towards me.  The chimney guy was all, "You mean your mom?"

IMG_8693_zpsf964809f photo IMG_8693_zpsf964809f.jpg
Telling me, "I'm the king of the world!"

Then, later, some guy came out to take measurements for new carpet installation.  The guy was showing Amelia his measuring tape, which was, of course, FASCINATING, and Will said, "I think my baby likes him."
IMG_8698_zps768675fa photo IMG_8698_zps768675fa.jpg
What?  Doesn't everyone make pancakes in their undies?

Amelia loves her goofy brother.
IMG_8690_zpse11fd9d5 photo IMG_8690_zpse11fd9d5.jpg

In just a matter of days we will begin our new adventure. New home, new parks, new library, new everything. We are so very excited. Yay!

Look out, Fredericksburg!  Here come the Harmsens.
IMG_8703_zps30be5cbc photo IMG_8703_zps30be5cbc.jpg

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Christen Sanderson said...

Yay! Exciting! Can't wait to see pics of your new house. :) I have family in Fredricksburg. Maybe we could meet at a park one day!