Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hello, 75 degrees

So, yesterday our freakish weather took a turn for the better. It felt like spring and, since neither kid felt like having an afternoon nap, we went exploring. Off to one of the new neighborhood parks. IMG_8835_zps976b19fb photo IMG_8835_zps976b19fb.jpg IMG_8836_zps1685a029 photo IMG_8836_zps1685a029.jpg

Admit it.  You're loving Amelia's shoes, aren't you?

IMG_8849_zps2cd303bf photo IMG_8849_zps2cd303bf.jpg

After snapping a few pics of Will in the baby swings, it suddenly dawned on me that he looked utterly ridiculous.  I told him it's time for the big boy swings.
swings_zps30d7e9e7 photo swings_zps30d7e9e7.jpg

Baby swings are for babies.
IMG_8880_zps9624148c photo IMG_8880_zps9624148c.jpg

It was so amazing to be outside on such a beautiful day.  Now, back to winter.  33 degrees by Friday.  Boo.
IMG_8865_zpse58d86ec photo IMG_8865_zpse58d86ec.jpg


Rebecca said...


No. Stop her. She must stop growing.

Amy said...

ha, I totally said the same thing about the swing last time we were at the park! Amelia's faces are just awesome