Monday, January 7, 2013

Life, lately.

So my plan to do a post every day was going swimmingly until Day 4. Bah. Oh well, with two little kids and a move to get ready for (2 weeks - GAH!), I'm doing the best I can. But I did take pictures.

 Two weeks ago, Mike and I had big plans. They involved a baby sitter, a restaurant, and a kid-free meal that we were so looking forward to (our first since Amelia's birth). Then overnight Amelia got sick and plans were canceled. Luckily we were able to re-schedule just before our sitter went back to school. The plan was to put the kids down early and have a late meal.

But Will took a 10 minute nap at 4:30 and felt rested enough to lay awake in his bed for hours. IMG_8478_zps020c9127
We still put him to bed before we left and he had no idea we were gone. His sitter sure did enjoy listening to him sing 'Happy Birthday' on repeat until he finally fell asleep.

 And look at us. The anticipation of steaks and chocolate mousse cake left us unable to keep our hands off each other.IMG_8511-2_zps3ef6c6f3
Will asked me, "Why are you wearing your flower princess clothes?" Guess I should wear real clothes more often. 

The remainder of our weekend was largely uneventful.

Amelia checked out our last fire in this house.

Will asked Mike to do one of his favorite things: "Let's wrestle, Daddy!"

Oh, he also got his face painted.  It's kind of a funny story, really.  The girls (ages 10 and 6) across the street like to peddle their services.  They regularly set up lemonade stands, ask us if they can wash our cars, etc.

On Sunday afternoon there was a knock on the door and they asked if Will wanted to have his face painted. Mike explained that we were eating dinner and maybe when we were done.  Ten minutes later....  *knock knock*  "Are you ready now?"  Ok, fine.  I threw on Will's coat and shoes and took him to their 'face paint stand.'  The mom came out when it was time to pay.  She made some small talk and we laughed about her ambitious daughters.  Then she told me they were charging a dollar or two.  I said, "Oh, I only have this 5."  "Ok," she said taking the bill. "That works."  I was dumbfounded.  Did I really just pay a 10 year old (or her mom...?) five bucks to paint a 6-legged spider on my son's cheek?

Total. Sucker.

In other not-so-entertaining news, baby Amelia is quite a fan of eating.  She screams at me if I'm not getting her food fast enough.  Baby Mum Mums have been a huge hit.

Also, I am *really* trying to teach Will his letters.  He knows a handful of them, but his short attention span has made this a difficult process.

Oh, and also, Amelia wore an ADORABLE brand new outfit today until she pooped all over it. Will said, "Get that poop out of here! I'm tired of smelling it!" And I laughed forever. The end.
Such an exciting life we lead.


Christen Sanderson said...

Cracking up about two things: the flower princess clothes! Hilarious...Will is so funny! And the $5 spider. So weird of that mom, but it made for a great post! Hope you are doing well, and that your move goes great!

Erin said...

Does Will sit still for stories? Little Critter's ABCs is good for teaching letters.

Courtney R said...

Love Amelia's eyes in the cracker pic!

Amy said...

SO behind! Moving? So exciting!!!