Saturday, February 23, 2013

9 months old

I'm not quite sure what's happening here. Seriously. I had my baby last month and she's already 9 months old.

 Well, maybe she's been around a little longer than that. But, really? 9 months? Already??!?  photo IMG_9028-3_zpsbc0a5ef4.jpg

Amelia is quite the talented young lady. She has learned to wave 'bye bye' and when we ask, "How big is Amelia????" she responds by raising her arms as we say, "Soooooo big." Little genius.  photo IMG_9036-2_zps69a3bb3a.jpg

A few nights ago she stood for 10 seconds all by her lonesome.  Will walking happen soon?  Stay tuned.

Amelia and Will continue to be pretty good buds.  And she can really hold her own with him.  At one point in time she was cool with Will taking toys from her.  But now?  Take something away and she's ready to throw down.  For real.  We can't even trick her by offering her a trade.  She wants what she wants.
 photo February2013012-2_zpsff33e856.jpg
For instance, she wants this shaker.  Like, she wants it at ALL times.  No taking the shaker allowed.

*Momentary break in post*  Oh my.  This picture cracks me up.
 photo February2013016-2_zps137377c2.jpg
I mean, WHAT is going on here??  Bahahahaha.

They really are good friends.  I love how much they love each other.
 photo February2013019-2_zps6b3cf047.jpg

My little chunker baby is now my little peanut baby.  At her 9 month visit, she only weighed 17 pounds, 7 ounces.  To put this in perspective, at the same age, Will was almost 4 pounds heavier - and he started out at half her size.

The weird thing is, at any given meal, she eats more than her 3 year old brother.  She eats anything and everything we put in front of her.
 photo IMG_9346_zpse503c51d.jpg

Also, she may be the most photogenic baby ever.  She loves having her picture taken.
 photo IMG_9347_zpsa7ed886b.jpg

Oh, little peanut. We love you so. Please stay little for just a bit longer. Please?

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EJoy said...

This is such a wonderful post!! Especially as I approach my due date with my little girl. Your "peanut" is just adorable!!