Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life, lately.

We've been preparing for Valentine's Day and Will is "so ess-cited!" This is the first year for exchanging cards with friends at school and he picked out the perfect ones- Cars themed with little lollipops. Side note: he finally started saying Lightning McQueen instead of Li-queen and I'm a little sad about this.

 Last week we made a special Valentine's treat during Amelia's nap.  photo IMG_9040_zps6dd50d46.jpg

His favorite part was, of course, the icing. That's pretty much the only part of a cupcake he eats.  photo IMG_9055_zpscacb6a6d.jpg

Last Friday I packed up the kids and took them-- are you ready for this?

 photo IMG_9067_zps855e9b97.jpg

Amelia was pretty 'ess-cited' about the whole thing.
 photo IMG_9081_zps2f07b3f5.jpg

Will still likes his floaties, but I'm going on record here...  this will be the year he learns to swim for real.  I absolutely believe it.
 photo IMG_9086_zps99c54d60.jpg

Then, when we were getting dressed, Will insisted on getting his own dressing room because "this is my privacies."  And I laughed a lot.
 photo IMG_9092_zpsff875897.jpg

Let's caption these next two pictures "Determined."
 photo IMG_9098_zps20c67b1e.jpg  photo IMG_9116_zps4259b5bf.jpg
And as for Amelia, she'll be walking before her first birthday.  Guaranteed.

We enjoyed a little weekend wrestling.
 photo IMG_9122_zpsc6257a25.jpg

And it's hair pulling for the win!  Her signature move.
 photo IMG_9133_zps08fbbc36.jpg

Last Sunday we explored one of the trails in our neighborhood and threw some rocks in the creek.
 photo IMG_9141_zps2937df18.jpg
Psst, Mike.  There's a branch in front of my face.

Amelia has turned in to a bit of a 'hold me' baby.  It's sweet, but also, kind of a pain.  And she's very good at (fake) crying until she gets what she wants.
 photo IMG_9144_zpsb9e819ea.jpg  photo IMG_9150_zps6aef4193.jpg

Will says, "Melia sure is loud."

All of his observations include the phrase "sure is."  Sure is loud in here.  Sure is dark down there.  Sure is raining out there.  Sure is spooky in here.

It sure is cute.
 photo IMG_9154_zps72663305.jpg

Yesterday Amelia was all, "What's that noise?"
 photo IMG_9161_zps372f5640.jpg

When she realized it was Will hanging out under her bed, she had to check it out.
 photo IMG_9164_zps5701fb65.jpg  photo IMG_9165_zpscbb5dbd3.jpg

So funny.
 photo IMG_9168_zps1008394a.jpg

And so a game of crawling-under-the-bed-and-crawling-back-out-again started and continued for a solid 30 minutes.
 photo IMG_9180_zps1e051822.jpg  photo IMG_9181_zps68272570.jpg

Until it was time to take a standing break.  Loves. To. Stand.
 photo IMG_9186_zps311149fe.jpg

And what began as a sibling hug quickly turned in to Will picking up the baby and bringing her to me.  He REALLY likes to carry her around lately.  Oy.
 photo siblinglove_zpsc7f5ea20.jpg


Candace Chitwood said...

I love the ones of them under the bed! So darn cute!

Christen Sanderson said...

Loved this post! Your babies are so very sweet!

Erin said...

Brendan doesn't pronounce Lightning McQueen properly either, and I never correct him. I was sad when he started saying "strike" instead of "stripe" when he bowled.

Amelia looks so much like Will it's uncanny. Love you guys!


Amy said...

brady eats just the icing too! :)

Watch out, that girl WILL be walking sooner than later! IT's insane how fast they do things this time around, isn't it???

Benny is VERY much a HOLD ME FOREVER AND EVER AND NEVER put me down baby. LOL

Funny thing to say but the light in your house rocks! I hate that there are only a few places in our house that have that great natural light :)