Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Not much going on.

The other day I took advantage of Amelia's nap time and, with Will playing quietly (too quietly) near by, I got some unpacking done. Then suddenly I heard a little voice say, "I'm ready!"

 I looked up to see Will in the doorway.  Standing there naked except for his shirt hanging around his head.  photo IMG_8893_zps6a4d932d.jpg

Me: Uh... I'm afraid to ask, but what exactly are you ready for?
Will: I'm ready for bed!

Ohhhhhh-kay. If only that were true. I so miss nap time. When the baby's awake it's impossible to get anything done. Whenever I try, I feel a little tug on my yoga pants (you know, 'cause I do a lot of yoga), and look down to see this...  photo IMG_8901_zps7caffaf3.jpg

Little monkeys.
 photo IMG_8925_zpsb46dc005.jpg

My first project, other than unpacking, has been Will's room.  A firetruck makeover is in full swing.
 photo IMG_8928_zpse01aba14.jpg

His firetruck bedding arrived a few days ago.  "It looks wonderful!" he exclaimed.
 photo IMG_8936_zps38c17874.jpg

A conversation Will and I had yesterday--

Will: Sometimes I don't like my bed.
Me: Why not?
Will: Because I don't like firetrucks.

Well, that's good to know.
 photo IMG_8939_zpsdb716ff1.jpg

Will was very excited to show his sister his new bed when she woke up from her nap.
 photo IMG_8972_zpsc0f78391.jpg  photo IMG_8975-2_zpsce3a76a2.jpg

In other news, we have a Wegman's five minutes away.  They have the most amazing $3 slices of cake that Will and I just adore.  Last week he got a Spiderman cake.  Unfortunately for him, there was only one lonely slice in the case last weekend.

Finn from Glee.
 photo IMG_8983_zps79a7ac27.jpg

I laughed forever about it.  But Will didn't care.  Cake is cake.
 photo IMG_8987_zps126ff678.jpg

I guess the Super Bowl was last Sunday...?  Yeah, I had a care factor of zero on account of the Patriots coming thisclose to being in it.  Mike insisted on Super Bowl -type foods, but I had to clarify several times that we were not actually celebrating the game.

Will likes to set the table.
 photo IMG_8993_zps4a9894e2.jpg

I made the most AMAZING pulled pork.  Oh my goodness.  It's actually my mom's recipe and it's so easy, even I can do it.  Rub down the meat (use a pork rub or whatever spices you have laying around), sear it (on the stove top or outside grill), put it in a crockpot with a bottle of Italian dressing, and cook (9ish hours on high, 13ish hours on low).  Sooooooooooo delish.
 photo IMG_9000_zpse88219e4.jpg

Although, I think Will's favorite part was Mike's cheese dip.
 photo IMG_9003_zps80d54a1f.jpg

On the subject of eating, Amelia is a huge fan.  Huge.
 photo IMG_9011_zpscdec989c.jpg  photo IMG_9009_zps608f693b.jpg

Such messy eaters.  Good thing they like their baths.
 photo IMG_8909_zpse12a3b7a.jpg  photo IMG_8913_zpsdaeae11c.jpg  photo IMG_8920-2_zps0eec42d7.jpg


Alexandra Stafford said...

Omg, too much here to comment on. SO much cuteness I can't take it. Looks like you are all settling in very nicely! So jealous of your wegmans. We need to meet there for lunch one day. Hope to see you soon!

Courtney R said...

Love the shot of Amelia's reflection in the tub thing (what the heck is that called anyway?)! And, of course, that last pic is totally adorable!

Amy said...

Will is hilarious. ALso, love that last two pics!