Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Sooooooo, Valentine's Day....  photo IMG_9236_zps8868449d.jpg

Were you feeling the love?  photo IMG_9202_zpsade8ae41.jpg

Will was "so ess-cited to deliver chocolates" to his teachers.  He paused to tell everyone in the parking lot, "Happy Valentimes Day!"

While he was at school having a 'great day,' the littlest Valentine and I spent some quality time together.
 photo IMG_9220_zpsc6297930.jpg  photo IMG_9226_zps640cacdf.jpg

After school, we met Mike for lunch at our favorite Japanese steak house.  It's never easy going out with two littles, which is probably why we almost never do it.  However, I discovered that giving the baby her first lollipop and encouraging Will to eat as much Valentine's candy as his sugar-loving heart desired was very helpful.  Also, it ensured that Will would be too full to finish his fried rice which meant more for me.  I win at motherhood.

Later, we returned home to find a special package from Will's favorite aunt on our doorstep.
 photo IMG_9232_zps05ffa605.jpg

Will was very excited to find more chocolate.  Amelia was also excited as she would shove a piece in her mouth - foil and all.  She was none too pleased when I fished it out.
 photo IMG_9239_zps75049560.jpg

And I have to ask --  Aunt Becky, markers for the window?  Really?  Is this pay back for the time Will crapped in your bed?
 photo IMG_9247_zps7d825f9b.jpg  photo IMG_9246_zps151ec04f.jpg

Friday was Ellie's birthday.  For those not keeping score, Ellie is our dog.  I have to say, I'm not always feeling the love where she's concerned.  In fact, I kind of want to go back in time and talk myself out of getting her.  Like, on Valentine's Day, when she got out of the yard, and I was frantically running down our street calling her name, I thought to myself, "Get back in the house.  This is your out."  Kidding.  Kind of.

Nonetheless, Ellie turned 8 and we had ourselves a Cars party (at Will's insistence).
 photo IMG_9273_zpscc4e093a.jpg

Oh, cute kids in party hats.  I love it.
 photo IMG_9274_zps05b62415.jpg
 photo IMG_9275_zps9d1cba55.jpg  photo IMG_9281_zps748e83a4.jpg

Some Valentine's cakes Will lovingly decorated.
 photo IMG_9282_zps041631af.jpg  photo IMG_9286_zps63392956.jpg  photo IMG_9295_zps7900ce8c.jpg  photo IMG_9298_zps87b91a1d.jpg

And, Amelia...  getting ready to make a play for the cat food.  I see you.
 photo IMG_9301_zps43a56e9b.jpg

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Rebecca said...

I heard the markers were a good distraction when you are trying to cook, or something like that. I just hope it doesn't give him ideas about drawing on walls. Woops! ;)