Monday, March 25, 2013

Another snow day

Oh my. Like the rest of the country, we are so tired of winter. It just continues to drag on, keeping us inside most of the time.  photo IMG_9908_zps2858d742.jpg  photo IMG_9911_zps337839e2.jpg
Amelia stands all the time and is starting to take steps. Eeek! 

This morning we awoke to a blanket of white. OK, really, it was just a dusting an inch and a half deep on the grassy areas. But if you're a three year old little boy, any quantifiable snow means you must get decked out in your gear for playtime outside. So when Amelia took her morning nap, out we went.

As you can see, it was cold.  photo IMG_9917_zpscb5b7f58.jpg

On Will's agenda: Snowballs.
 photo IMG_9916_zpsf0079f8f.jpg

And more snowballs.
 photo IMG_9918_zpsf7e7e480.jpg

Will's dreaming of a white Easter.
 photo IMG_9937_zps9fcff147.jpg

"I want to go sledding!"  Yeah, Will, we don't have as much snow as you think we do.  Then I got stuck pulling him across the bumpy, mostly muddy, grass.
 photo IMG_9923_zps6bf86309.jpg

Also, we played 'snow hide and seek.'  Will's a great hider!
 photo IMG_9944_zps3a2941f2.jpg  photo IMG_9949_zpsb59fbaa1.jpg

I gave Will two cookies to enjoy with his hot chocolate, but instead of eating them he put them in his drink.  Oops.
 photo IMG_9953_zps8d968c26.jpg

Amelia had her first cookie today and she knew just what to do with it.
 photo IMG_9960_zpsbc150653.jpg

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lunch with the Easter Bunny

It's that time of year again. Yesterday Will played hooky from school so we could have lunch with The Bunny. We were 20 minutes late because, lately, that's how we roll. But that didn't stop us from having a good time.  photo IMG_9836_zps76e9ef93.jpg

Although, Will refused to dance this year. Bummer.  photo IMG_9826_zps9d479678.jpg

We played some games.  photo IMG_9845_zps6ea5db5f.jpg

We took a group shot with our friends.  photo IMG_9846_zpsa9c709a9.jpg

 photo IMG_9850_zps13d07097.jpg

Then we gave up.  photo IMG_9853_zpse2ff8712.jpg

We ate lunch. Rather, Will licked the frosting off two cupcakes and Amelia and I ate lunch.  photo IMG_9879_zps268b76e7.jpg

Then The Bunny arrived.

Will: Where does the Easter Bunny live?
Me: Um, I don't know. In a tree or something...?
Will: How is he getting to the lunch?
 Me: He'll probably hop, but if it's too far he'll take the bus.
Will: .....
   photo IMG_9856_zpsb9ed824a.jpg

I wasn't sure how Amelia would react, but as it turned out, she loved him.  Meanwhile, someone else was hiding behind me while I took this picture.
 photo IMG_9863_zps80dfb3ee.jpg

I couldn't tell if Will really thought the Easter Bunny was "a little bit creepy," or if he was just trying to be silly.  Especially since he barely required any coaxing to go stand next to him.  After some brief encouragement, all was fine.
 photo IMG_9874_zpsb0fc5a9d.jpg

Will was pretty excited about the treat bag the Easter bunny gave him: "That was sooooo nice of him! The Easter Bunny's not scary, he's nice! He wanted me to have m and m's."

Happy Easter!
 photo IMG_9867_zps7dbdca1a.jpg

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Five

Five things we did this week.

 1. Breakfast love.

 Will insisted Amelia sit next to him (RIGHT next to him) while eating the other morning. photo IMG_9751_zpsd4d3b858.jpg

"Hey, Will, show me how you're going to smile in your school pictures today."
 photo IMG_9752_zps49eabad3.jpg
Is it wrong that I kind of hope he smiled just like that?

2. Mommy and Amelia time.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Will leaves us for 3 whole hours.  I usually try to get some things done around the house, but mostly, our mornings look like this --
 photo IMG_9760-2_zps176a3715.jpg

And on this particular day, Amelia made a discovery.
 photo IMG_9755_zps703ecc13.jpg

Cabinet doors open and they contain cool stuff to play with.
 photo IMG_9756_zpse825f845.jpg

Just doing her morning laps around the kitchen...
 photo IMG_9761_zps15f493f6.jpg

3. Movie time during Amelia's nap.  Kind of.

A few weeks ago we went to see Disney on Ice and I was inspired to get some of the movies for Will.  I bought a collection on ebay and was really excited to start watching them with him.  Except, he doesn't really have the attention span for them and we usually call it quits about 20 minutes in.
 photo IMG_9771_zps0f959bab.jpg

4. Not always feeling the love.

Will: Here 'Melia.  Hold my hand.
 photo IMG_9773_zps0f0d1162.jpg

Amelia: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  (Which I think means 'get off.')
 photo IMG_9776_zps2c6335ae.jpg

5. Outside time with sidewalk chalk.
 photo IMG_9783_zps1554ea16.jpg

And more graham crackers.
 photo IMG_9780_zpsd4f0bd82.jpg

 photo IMG_9782_zpseb8c4614.jpg  photo IMG_9790_zpsd88645f9.jpg  photo IMG_9792_zpsb82bfc59.jpg

I just can't get enough of this standing girl. I think I'm still in disbelief.  photo IMG_9796_zps814c171e.jpg

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


A few days ago, Will found a bubble accessory hidden in the depths of the outside toy container.  And despite the fact that the toy no longer works, we felt the need to move it to our new house.  Because ridding the outside toy container of all the junk BEFORE moving just didn't occur to us.

In any event, the discovery of the broken bubble toy resulted in Will asking me if we could get bubbles.  He asked.  And asked.  And asked.  

Today wasn't exactly a bubble kind of day.  It's chilly again (50 degrees) and windy.  But I needed to go to Target with both kids and bubbles seemed an easy way to bribe Will to behave in the store.

Enter, the $10 bubble machine.
 photo IMG_9715_zps742818be.jpg

I was pretty excited to see Amelia's reaction to experiencing bubbles for the first time.
 photo IMG_9717_zps2afa2ea2.jpg

Except, she didn't really have a reaction.
 photo IMG_9708_zpsc63c2581.jpg

I suppose standing around eating a graham cracker is far more interesting.  photo standingbaby_zps1ef5fb17.jpg  photo IMG_9740_zpsfb965de7.jpg

Will loves bubbles.
 photo IMG_9745_zpsbde4f4ac.jpg

And 'Melia.
 photo IMG_9747_zpsee83f54e.jpg

I know there will be plenty of bubble-and-sidewalk-chalk afternoons in our immediate future.  Hopefully Amelia will put her cracker down long enough to participate.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring, is that you?

Temperatures in the 60's, sunshine, a bunny sighting in the front yard...  photo IMG_9619_zps6671b688.jpg

Signs of spring are everywhere.
 photo IMG_9627_zps0bd18f25.jpg

Our weekend weather was perfect and we spent most of our days outside.

Mike and Will went for a hike on the trail behind our house yesterday.  Mike always brings his backpack on these outings for snacks and drinks.  Will insisted on bring his bag, too.  When I asked him what was in it, he was hesitant to show me at first, telling me "I'll show you later."  After some prodding, he finally showed me the Lightening McQueen pillow he had stuffed in there.
 photo IMG_9604_zpse30f4520.jpg

Also on our to-do list: a bike ride to the park.  He loves to ride his bike.
 photo IMG_9654_zps43e7113b.jpg  photo IMG_9659_zpsbafb7cbc.jpg

Baby loves to swing.  And eat mulch.
 photo IMG_9670_zpsc32d80af.jpg  photo IMG_9677_zps534fb4ae.jpg  photo IMG_9682_zps3a5a8f81.jpg  photo IMG_9683_zps3c6f2121.jpg

On the way home from the park we saw some people in the cul-de-sac.  We decided to go stalk them a bit since I'm in desperate need of some friends and socialization in this new 'hood of ours.  Once there, it became obvious we were walking in on a party - an impromptu block party. Kids everywhere, music, food, bbq grills. Apparently a regular occurrence when the weather is nice.  I love that we live here.

We were welcomed and initiated with a game of kick ball for Will and Mike.
 photo IMG_9692_zps43312da1.jpg  photo IMG_9695_zps0617cd2e.jpg  photo IMG_9685_zps03eff236.jpg

Eight years ago today, Mike and I went on our first date.  It's something we celebrate every year by returning to PF Chang's and, yesterday, we went with our two little ones. We've learned so much over the years.  Mostly that eating out with kids really sucks.
 photo IMG_9702_zps9fbe2691.jpg