Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A snow day

A couple months ago, they were calling for snow. We were so excited. Will and I rushed out for snow boots, mittens, and something he refers to as a 'boat sled' (which is just your run of the mill sled with a pull string). Unfortunately, our winter storm warning soon faded to nothing and no snow fell. Will was sad.

So earlier this week when the predictions started rolling in for a Wednesday storm, I didn't get my hopes up. I didn't even mention anything to Will. Last night, as I was going to bed, the snow started to fall.  But still, I tried not to get too excited.

Then this morning...  photo IMG_9483_zps3ef48b38.jpg  photo IMG_9484_zps0a97077f.jpg

Oh, we had one 'very ess-cited' boy. "Can we go outside now, Daddy?"  photo IMG_9489_zpsc0169d2f.jpg

Luckily it was a snow day for Mike, too. We talked Will in to eating a quick breakfast and, shortly before 10 AM, off they went.  photo IMG_9500-2_zps23ce8e65.jpg

Baby Amelia was none too pleased when I prevented her from crawling out the door after them.  photo IMG_9502-2_zps3d1f2069.jpg  photo IMG_9508_zps29cc3f15.jpg

That was as high as our snowman got since Will knocked him over right after Mike added the second snowball.
 photo IMG_9511_zpsefc0f38c.jpg  photo IMG_9523_zps5249a536.jpg

He loves to throw snowballs at me.  Glad I had the window to save me from this one.
 photo IMG_9517_zps4bae67aa.jpg

We had some cozy time inside sipping hot chocolate.
 photo IMG_9542_zps60d4d18b.jpg

We baked some cookies.
 photo IMG_9545_zps184a7b24.jpg

We snuggled with friends in front of the fire place.
 photo IMG_9550_zps8bc0832c.jpg

This snow will be slush by tomorrow, so we got outside one more time in the afternoon.
 photo IMG_9564_zps9220c2bd.jpg

I fully expected Amelia to start screaming when we set her down.
 photo IMG_9576_zps4623caf6.jpg

No screaming.  I think she was just curious.
 photo IMG_9580_zpsdd34178f.jpg

Snow days are such a treat, even for grown ups.
 photo IMG_9584_zps0f52a4a7.jpg


Christen Sanderson said...

Sweet pictures! So funny, Adelyn calls her sled a boat, too!

Debbie said...

I see she really loves her Edith (the teddy bear)