Monday, March 25, 2013

Another snow day

Oh my. Like the rest of the country, we are so tired of winter. It just continues to drag on, keeping us inside most of the time.  photo IMG_9908_zps2858d742.jpg  photo IMG_9911_zps337839e2.jpg
Amelia stands all the time and is starting to take steps. Eeek! 

This morning we awoke to a blanket of white. OK, really, it was just a dusting an inch and a half deep on the grassy areas. But if you're a three year old little boy, any quantifiable snow means you must get decked out in your gear for playtime outside. So when Amelia took her morning nap, out we went.

As you can see, it was cold.  photo IMG_9917_zpscb5b7f58.jpg

On Will's agenda: Snowballs.
 photo IMG_9916_zpsf0079f8f.jpg

And more snowballs.
 photo IMG_9918_zpsf7e7e480.jpg

Will's dreaming of a white Easter.
 photo IMG_9937_zps9fcff147.jpg

"I want to go sledding!"  Yeah, Will, we don't have as much snow as you think we do.  Then I got stuck pulling him across the bumpy, mostly muddy, grass.
 photo IMG_9923_zps6bf86309.jpg

Also, we played 'snow hide and seek.'  Will's a great hider!
 photo IMG_9944_zps3a2941f2.jpg  photo IMG_9949_zpsb59fbaa1.jpg

I gave Will two cookies to enjoy with his hot chocolate, but instead of eating them he put them in his drink.  Oops.
 photo IMG_9953_zps8d968c26.jpg

Amelia had her first cookie today and she knew just what to do with it.
 photo IMG_9960_zpsbc150653.jpg

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