Wednesday, March 13, 2013


A few days ago, Will found a bubble accessory hidden in the depths of the outside toy container.  And despite the fact that the toy no longer works, we felt the need to move it to our new house.  Because ridding the outside toy container of all the junk BEFORE moving just didn't occur to us.

In any event, the discovery of the broken bubble toy resulted in Will asking me if we could get bubbles.  He asked.  And asked.  And asked.  

Today wasn't exactly a bubble kind of day.  It's chilly again (50 degrees) and windy.  But I needed to go to Target with both kids and bubbles seemed an easy way to bribe Will to behave in the store.

Enter, the $10 bubble machine.
 photo IMG_9715_zps742818be.jpg

I was pretty excited to see Amelia's reaction to experiencing bubbles for the first time.
 photo IMG_9717_zps2afa2ea2.jpg

Except, she didn't really have a reaction.
 photo IMG_9708_zpsc63c2581.jpg

I suppose standing around eating a graham cracker is far more interesting.  photo standingbaby_zps1ef5fb17.jpg  photo IMG_9740_zpsfb965de7.jpg

Will loves bubbles.
 photo IMG_9745_zpsbde4f4ac.jpg

And 'Melia.
 photo IMG_9747_zpsee83f54e.jpg

I know there will be plenty of bubble-and-sidewalk-chalk afternoons in our immediate future.  Hopefully Amelia will put her cracker down long enough to participate.

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Amy said...

ha, this is hilarious because we JUST had this same scenario. The boys got bubbles for Easter and I was pumped about Bennys reaction but he could have given a crap less. Major let down, lol!

Man, my kid needs some damn teeth. :)