Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lunch with the Easter Bunny

It's that time of year again. Yesterday Will played hooky from school so we could have lunch with The Bunny. We were 20 minutes late because, lately, that's how we roll. But that didn't stop us from having a good time.  photo IMG_9836_zps76e9ef93.jpg

Although, Will refused to dance this year. Bummer.  photo IMG_9826_zps9d479678.jpg

We played some games.  photo IMG_9845_zps6ea5db5f.jpg

We took a group shot with our friends.  photo IMG_9846_zpsa9c709a9.jpg

 photo IMG_9850_zps13d07097.jpg

Then we gave up.  photo IMG_9853_zpse2ff8712.jpg

We ate lunch. Rather, Will licked the frosting off two cupcakes and Amelia and I ate lunch.  photo IMG_9879_zps268b76e7.jpg

Then The Bunny arrived.

Will: Where does the Easter Bunny live?
Me: Um, I don't know. In a tree or something...?
Will: How is he getting to the lunch?
 Me: He'll probably hop, but if it's too far he'll take the bus.
Will: .....
   photo IMG_9856_zpsb9ed824a.jpg

I wasn't sure how Amelia would react, but as it turned out, she loved him.  Meanwhile, someone else was hiding behind me while I took this picture.
 photo IMG_9863_zps80dfb3ee.jpg

I couldn't tell if Will really thought the Easter Bunny was "a little bit creepy," or if he was just trying to be silly.  Especially since he barely required any coaxing to go stand next to him.  After some brief encouragement, all was fine.
 photo IMG_9874_zpsb0fc5a9d.jpg

Will was pretty excited about the treat bag the Easter bunny gave him: "That was sooooo nice of him! The Easter Bunny's not scary, he's nice! He wanted me to have m and m's."

Happy Easter!
 photo IMG_9867_zps7dbdca1a.jpg

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