Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring, is that you?

Temperatures in the 60's, sunshine, a bunny sighting in the front yard...  photo IMG_9619_zps6671b688.jpg

Signs of spring are everywhere.
 photo IMG_9627_zps0bd18f25.jpg

Our weekend weather was perfect and we spent most of our days outside.

Mike and Will went for a hike on the trail behind our house yesterday.  Mike always brings his backpack on these outings for snacks and drinks.  Will insisted on bring his bag, too.  When I asked him what was in it, he was hesitant to show me at first, telling me "I'll show you later."  After some prodding, he finally showed me the Lightening McQueen pillow he had stuffed in there.
 photo IMG_9604_zpse30f4520.jpg

Also on our to-do list: a bike ride to the park.  He loves to ride his bike.
 photo IMG_9654_zps43e7113b.jpg  photo IMG_9659_zpsbafb7cbc.jpg

Baby loves to swing.  And eat mulch.
 photo IMG_9670_zpsc32d80af.jpg  photo IMG_9677_zps534fb4ae.jpg  photo IMG_9682_zps3a5a8f81.jpg  photo IMG_9683_zps3c6f2121.jpg

On the way home from the park we saw some people in the cul-de-sac.  We decided to go stalk them a bit since I'm in desperate need of some friends and socialization in this new 'hood of ours.  Once there, it became obvious we were walking in on a party - an impromptu block party. Kids everywhere, music, food, bbq grills. Apparently a regular occurrence when the weather is nice.  I love that we live here.

We were welcomed and initiated with a game of kick ball for Will and Mike.
 photo IMG_9692_zps43312da1.jpg  photo IMG_9695_zps0617cd2e.jpg  photo IMG_9685_zps03eff236.jpg

Eight years ago today, Mike and I went on our first date.  It's something we celebrate every year by returning to PF Chang's and, yesterday, we went with our two little ones. We've learned so much over the years.  Mostly that eating out with kids really sucks.
 photo IMG_9702_zps9fbe2691.jpg

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Rebecca said...

I love Amelia's pink "kicks"! Looking forward to seeing your 'hood. I'll be pricing tix on Thursday.