Saturday, March 2, 2013


Ain't nobody got time for that.  photo IMG_9481_zps5c3b3c7e.jpg  photo IMG_9473_zpsc7df443a.jpg

We haven't had snow, but temperatures have been cold enough to make being outside pretty miserable. While we try to get out for at least one walk and/or bike ride a day, we spend way too much time inside the house.

 Introducing Amelia, the stander.
   photo February2013003_zpsc3ea65c5.jpg

She's so good, she can even do it while taking my picture.  photo IMG_9354_zpsc847242e.jpg
Truthfully, she's still gaining her confidence and standing completely on her own happens rather by accident. Mostly when she lets go of something without thinking about it or when we prop her in to position and leave her there.

 Not to be left out...  photo IMG_9356_zps6109bc84.jpg
"Mommy, take my picture now!"

Oh goodness, he makes me dress him like this 10 times a day.  Then I made the mistake of playing the I'm-going-to-put-Kitty-somewhere-and-you're-going-to-rescue-him game one time, so now I'm forced to play it every time he's in costume.

Little Monkey has been working diligently on learning his letters.  Finally.
 photo IMG_9389_zpsc1d82dcf.jpg

Me: D is for Daddy.  We're going to draw a picture of him.
Will: You want me to draw a picture of Mike?
 photo IMG_9470_zps68f3117c.jpg
Looks just like him!

I painted the kids' playroom granny smith apple green.  A shade so unlike me, I still don't know how I feel about it.  But I do know how I feel about painting, so it's going to be sticking around for awhile.  I'm hoping the room will come together soon and I'll fall in love.
 photo IMG_9386_zpsace4fe06.jpg

Amelia loves her freedom.  We have gates blocking the stairs, and we've had long talks with Will about making sure the lid on the toilet is closed (because someone is a huge fan of water).  Girlfriend is all over the place.
 photo IMG_9381_zps0f968850.jpg

We seem to spend a lot of time in Amelia's room lately.  Will is my shadow and likes to help me get her up from naps, change her diapers and clothes...
 photo IMG_9361_zps3440002d.jpg

He also likes to sleep with her 'for pretend.'
 photo IMG_9393_zps903c497e.jpg  photo IMG_9368_zps1fc5aaf6.jpg

We did manage to get out a little bit this week.

The bounce house...
 photo IMG_9419_zpsf0dc3e49.jpg  photo IMG_9425_zps01f1d378.jpg

And a special outing for breakfast.
 photo IMG_9467_zpsc236fbdd.jpg  photo IMG_9442_zps0ce14c1b.jpg  photo IMG_9461_zps891f191f.jpg  photo IMG_9443_zps0168af85.jpg  photo IMG_9440_zpsc686b731.jpg  photo IMG_9457_zpse76bfe5d.jpg

 photo IMG_9435_zps2637a8d0.jpg

Bring on spring. We're beyond ready.

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