Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The big race

Peekaboo! It's just Amelia, here to tell you about her weekend.  photo April2013002_zps839b9b1c.jpg
Really, that's how she plays peekaboo. Isn't she a doll?

Mike went out of town for a few days to partake in a bachelor party for an old friend.  Yeah, you could say I'm the best wife ever.  I mean, I wouldn't say it.  But you could.

Sadly, Mike missed the big neighborhood race.  One Will had looked forward to all week.   photo April2013017_zps31fb80db.jpg

"I'm going to run REALLY fast, Mommy."
 photo April2013019_zps6d926ade.jpg

But I think what he meant to say was, "I'm going to run REALLY fast for the first minute, and then I'm going to cry REALLY loud in a dramatic fashion until you carry me the rest of the way."  Yeah, that sounds more like it.
 photo April2013021_zps42cf5dd4.jpg

The big race was a big bust.  Luckily, Grandma was around for Amelia duty so I only had one cry baby on my hands.
 photo April2013026_zps94e76074.jpg

Then, as if the race wasn't fun enough, there was face painting too.  And about 20 minutes into waiting, I would begin to regret drawing Will's attention to the face painter.  After about an hour of waiting, I really regretted it.
 photo April2013035_zps5437298f.jpg

In fact, Will waited until we stood in line for one hour, 5 minutes (with, at that point, only 2 kids in front of us) to decide he was all done and ready to go home.  And I was all, "Hell naw.  I don't care if I have to hold him down kicking and screaming, Dude is getting painted."

One hour, 15 minutes later, we had a snake.  And then we could leave.
 photo April2013036_zps0ee56298.jpg

But the fun was just getting started because, when we returned home, it was time to celebrate Grandma's birthday.
 photo April2013049_zps30407973.jpg

Will gets so giddy over birthday parties.  He insisted on hiding so he could yell 'Surprise!' when my mom walked through the door that morning.
 photo April2013041_zps1153e928.jpg

He picked a Tangled party theme for Grandma.
 photo April2013048_zps942d4eaf.jpg

This is what happens when you leave the room for half a minute and Grandma has cake in front of her.  Me thinks we will have a successful cake smash for her first birthday.
 photo April2013046_zps52030b23.jpg

And speaking of the big first birthday (2 weeks from today - eek!), Amelia got a special present in the mail last week from Aunt Kelly and Grammy.  A pretty pink rocking chair with her name on it.  Except, she thinks it's for standing on.
 photo April2013013_zps3da6729d.jpg

Will wanted a picture of both of them in their rocking chairs.

Will's fake smile...
 photo IMG_1018_zps95183672.jpg

Amelia's fake smile...
 photo IMG_1019_zpsa7fa851a.jpg

Then we had to switch chairs.  Can you tell Will was directing this photo shoot?
 photo IMG_1021_zps92e4c43c.jpg

Finally, Amelia remembered that rocking chairs are for standing on.
 photo IMG_1024_zps1568d524.jpg

Friday, April 26, 2013

Working in the yard

One of my favorite spring time activities is gardening. I'm not particularly good at it, but I love it all the same. I go the store every year totally enamored by all the beautiful flowers to choose from. Though every year I just go with the petunias. They're easy.

 This year I had two little helpers.  photo IMG_0743_zpsd56a2b77.jpg

Will was adamant we buy these flowers because 'they are my favorites.'
 photo IMG_0747_zps4a992396.jpg  photo IMG_0753_zpsaa242e4a.jpg  photo IMG_0754_zps3a00a56e.jpg

I bought Will his own garden tools and gloves.
 photo IMG_0763_zps89e66cc5.jpg

By the way, putting gloves on a 3 year old is now my least favorite activity.
 photo IMG_0755_zps814c5cf8.jpg

Dude is all business.  He got right to work.
 photo IMG_0759_zps7072485b.jpg  photo IMG_0776_zps5564de4a.jpg

Will has been asking for an American flag for weeks now.  While he was originally excited about this little yard flag, he now wants a big one on the house.  Our patriotic little fellow.
 photo IMG_0770_zps2bdd5a78.jpg

Ellie was happy to help, too.
 photo IMG_0782_zps468a36bf.jpg

We are loving our new house in the spring time!
 photo IMG_0780_zps626877e5.jpg

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Three and a half

Almost an entire month ago, we celebrated three and a half years of Will.  photo IMG_9972_zps09fce640.jpg

And I know I say stuff like this all the time, but the fact that this kid is on his way to four blows my mind. I mean, four sounds so old!  photo IMG_9885_zps13a7b19f.jpg

Three and a half is a great many things. It's silly. It's moody. It's generous. It's sweet. It's 'so grumpies.' It's being totally in love with your baby sister. It's egocentric. It's absolutely exhausting.

This is an interesting age for so many reasons.  At three and a half, Will can easily verbalize his thoughts and feelings, yet knowing how and when to act on them is tough.  He's still grasping an understanding of social norms (i.e. Making people laugh can be so fun.  Throwing mulch on random strangers at the playground is not how we make that happen.  Mortifying.)
 photo IMG_9884-2_zps491fbdfb.jpg

I still worry about Will's attention span, or lack there of as the case may be.  He remains largely incapable of independent play, rather he commands an audience.  I think he'd be happy if I remained by his side all day engaging his every move.  This kind of demand of my time and attention is tiring, to say the least.  I think I may keep a tally of every time I hear "Watch this!" throughout the day.

Will has some favorite games.  One is this thing he does with his train table.  He removes some tracks to make his trains go off a 'cliff.'  Anytime he ventures to the playroom, I know that's what he's doing.  Sure enough, about a minute later I'm summoned there 'for a surprise.'  Spoiler alert: the surprise is always trains going off a cliff.

His other favorite thing to do is hide.  He does this often just about everywhere we go.  Sometimes he'll hop off his bike and stand behind a street sign or lamp post.  Other times he hides under a blanket.  I have to act like I'm looking for him and feign surprise every time he emerges, or else he loudly voices his displeasure.
 photo IMG_9888_zpsfaded498.jpg
Mommy, come find me!!

Will is rounding out his first year of preschool.  He has done amazingly well and we are so proud of him.  Although, we did have to have the talk with him:  you know, the 'it's-not-nice-to-ask-your-teacher-why-she-stinks' conversation.  I signed him up for two summer camps, but he is already telling me he doesn't want to be dropped off, so we'll see how that goes.

As for activities, Will is currently taking swim classes and soccer lessons.  He seems to enjoy the accessories more than the actual sports.  Wearing goggles and his soccer shirt (oh, not to mention the lunch I pack in his Spiderman lunchbox to eat on the way to soccer) seem to be his favorite parts.
 photo IMG_9991_zpsea141603.jpg

These goggles rather crack me up.
 photo IMG_9990_zps5dff81d3.jpg

One of the best parts of three and a half are all the hilarious things your kid says.  Without further ado --

Will:  Look, Mommy.  A cock!
Me: A what??!?
Will: A cock right there.
Me: Where?
Will: Flying up there.
Me: Ohhhh... you mean a hawk.
Will: That's what I said.


Me talking with Mike at dinner: Today Will told me his teacher is 'adorable,' but I'm pretty sure he meant horrible.
Mike: That's funny.
Will: Yeah, and I also said she was boring.


Me: I don't want you to get big, I want you to stay little forever.
Will: Who cares?


Will to my breastfeeding friend: Nice boob, Nadine!


Will: Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy, you hear me??  Excuse me, Mommy.  Mommy!  MOMMY! MOMMY!  MOMMY!  (This continued for about a minute)
Me: *exasperated*  Will!  What is it?
Will: Do you like green beans?
Me: Did you really just interrupt my conversation to ask me if I like green beans?
Will: Well, do you?


Me: Go to timeout.
Will: Are you serious??!?


*Will pushes Amelia over*
Me: Go to timeout. We don't push people.
Will: It's no big deal.


Me: You're so lucky to have such a nice playroom.
Will: It's not that nice.

 photo PIRATES_zps1318a049.jpg
Will at the pirate party we went to last week. I think he's hiding. You better find him or else he'll be really pissed.  

Yes, three and a half has its moments.  But without Will, I wouldn't have my collection of dried up dandelions that he insists on picking for me every time we're outside.  I wouldn't have someone constantly asking thought provoking questions (What do dinosaurs eat?  What is my shirt made of?  How do cars hug?).  I wouldn't have someone keeping me in check (You are not cool).  Also, I wouldn't know what it's like to have such unconditional love because, despite how tough it is at times, this boy loves his Mama.

And I love him back.
 photo IMG_0708-2_zps9cf4a53d.jpg

Friday, April 19, 2013

Amelia and Mickey

Last weekend Aunt Becky put Mickey Mouse on for Amelia and a new obsession was born.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Girls' party

Last weekend, Amelia and I had a weekend away in Massachusetts. We left early Saturday morning and came home late Monday night. I knew I couldn't tell Will where I was going since he'd be heartbroken that he wasn't coming along. I told him Amelia and I were going to a girls' party.  Whatever that is. "Will there be balloons?" he asked. Maybe. "Will there be cake?" Oh, most definitely. There's always cake.  photo IMG_0594_zpsd0c18d10.jpg

Amelia was re-acquainted with family. Posing with little Brendan...  photo IMG_0567_zps96f2294b.jpg  photo IMG_0570_zps08154100.jpg

And since she's just one short month away from her first birthday, she got to open some presents.  She was thrilled about the headband.
 photo IMG_0576_zpsd701766f.jpg
 photo IMG_0583_zps4749ed93.jpg

Amelia loves toys.
 photo IMG_0598_zps447291e4.jpg

Of course, nothing beats the packaging.
 photo IMG_0602_zps47921018.jpg

It was a bit of a bummer to leave our summer-like weather for the cold.  Still, no visit is complete without ice cream from Kimball Farms.
 photo IMG_0612_zpsc3231ff6.jpg

Amelia is starting to get really good at this walking thing.

Since Monday was Patriots Day, there was a special event at Gillette Stadium.  I was really hoping Tom Brady would be there so we could finally have our long-awaited moment, but sadly, he was a no-show.
 photo IMG_0634_zps066a4604.jpg  photo IMG_0621_zps8485b144.jpg

The plan was to have our picture taken on the field, but first, we had a little lunch.
 photo IMG_0623_zps645e8dc2.jpg
Aunt Becky was the only person allowed to hold Amelia, a rule created by Amelia.

 photo IMG_0630_zps0921d48e.jpg

We did a little shopping.
 photo IMG_0632_zps4db1b164.jpg  photo IMG_0637_zps07f70866.jpg  photo IMG_0638_zps14d1124d.jpg

Then it was time to have our picture taken on the field.  After just an hour and a half of waiting.
 photo IMG_0646_zpsa85e1693.jpg  photo IMG_0666_zpsc9198dba.jpg  photo IMG_0683_zpsac80d2a1.jpg

The little ones had fun wandering the place while we waited.
 photo IMG_0665_zpsf5d7f9c0.jpg  photo IMG_0652_zps2dd0434a.jpg  photo IMG_0655_zps7ce3c16d.jpg  photo IMG_0659_zpsf2d0a1d8.jpg

We skipped out on the extra hour of waiting to see Pat the Patriot and finally made our way on to the field.
 photo IMG_0685_zpsf6ae9273.jpg  photo IMG_0689_zps82e64872.jpg

We had such a beautiful day, later marred by the tragedy that occurred right down the road which we learned about upon returning to the car.  The marathon was a huge event, some of which we watched on the news before heading to Foxboro.  In fact, we drove through the town where the race began.  Signs on the highway directed traffic and Becky pointed out all the tour buses bringing spectators from the starting line to the finish line.

Being so close to everything taking place made me even more appreciative for time spent with family.
 photo IMG_0696-3_zps2a38e23e.jpg  photo IMG_0703_zpsd845d062.jpg

As for the hour long flight?  Amelia rocked it out.
 photo IMG_0705_zps359e25d8.jpg

We're already missing everyone and can't wait to have another visit. Next time we'll bring big brother Will, who was a little upset that his boys' party with Daddy didn't have balloons.