Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Yesterday, somebody celebrated her first Easter. I'm not big on frilly dresses, so we kept it simple and added an oh-so-adorable bonnet.
   photo IMG_0031_zps97c21377.jpg photo IMG_0048-2_zps0de82742.jpg  photo IMG_0056_zpsc67b87e5.jpg  photo IMG_0059-4_zps557ab282.jpg

Actually, Easter was expected to be a rainy, miserable day so we did most of our outdoor stuff on Saturday.

Dying eggs went well this year. No spills, no tears.  photo March2013049_zpsa0eb1fae.jpg

And lately, whatever Big Brother does, Baby Sister needs to do too.  photo March2013053_zpscb0e8ae8.jpg  photo March2013069_zps77bf69c4.jpg

Except Amelia decided to taste the sand and the whole thing was, as you can imagine, very upsetting.
 photo March2013074_zpsf577c751.jpg

The slide is fun, though.
 photo March2013059_zps959fa795.jpg

Eggs successfully dyed.
 photo March2013075_zps3f6e668f.jpg

I saw this incredibly cute idea for planting jelly beans on Easter Eve and having them 'grow' in to lollipops.  Since I wasn't sure when the rain would start on Easter, we planted them in a cup of dirt and brought it inside.  Actually, Will told me he wanted to just eat the jelly beans because he didn't want to grow a lollipop. Luckily I talked him into going along with it.
 photo March2013086_zps05f78072.jpg

Will wasn't creeped out about the Easter Bunny coming like he was Santa.  He just asked me a bunch of questions like, "How will he get in our house?" and "How does he see in the dark?"
 photo March2013094_zpsf7907187.jpg  photo March2013098_zps591db435.jpg

So excited about his 'knock-li-ers' (binoculars).
 photo IMG_0127_zps60adad97.jpg

Sunglasses!  Yes!
 photo IMG_0137_zps38be9af8.jpg

And due to yuck weather, the Easter Bunny hid eggs in the house.
 photo IMG_0143_zps2e8fa1a2.jpg  photo IMG_0147_zps895dc821.jpg

Amelia loved her Easter grass.
 photo IMG_0162_zpsc230883b.jpg

She also loved (LOVED!) this Cabbage Patch doll from Grandma.
 photo IMG_0151_zps0ecc5ac8.jpg  photo IMG_0157_zps48054bdf.jpg  photo IMG_0158_zps8d42cdd9.jpg

It was a fun weekend of activities.  So exhausting...
 photo IMG_0168_zps023b3d83.jpg
Taking a nap with his new Jake and the Neverland Pirates shoes.

We always enjoy our little family holidays.
 photo IMG_0175-2_zpsc37bbb77.jpg


Christen Sanderson said...

Sweet pictures! I loved the one of Amelia holding her new baby doll! Reminded me of Adelyn. Little girls and their baby dolls...So sweet!

Erin said...

Love the cabbage patch picture!

Tina said...

So glad to see you guys enjoyed your Easter weekend. I adore the bonnet!

Amy said...

oh, my, gawd. The shoe picture is too much. Adorable.

Anonymous said...

I love the video of Will in the skates. I was in tears lol