Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Girls' party

Last weekend, Amelia and I had a weekend away in Massachusetts. We left early Saturday morning and came home late Monday night. I knew I couldn't tell Will where I was going since he'd be heartbroken that he wasn't coming along. I told him Amelia and I were going to a girls' party.  Whatever that is. "Will there be balloons?" he asked. Maybe. "Will there be cake?" Oh, most definitely. There's always cake.  photo IMG_0594_zpsd0c18d10.jpg

Amelia was re-acquainted with family. Posing with little Brendan...  photo IMG_0567_zps96f2294b.jpg  photo IMG_0570_zps08154100.jpg

And since she's just one short month away from her first birthday, she got to open some presents.  She was thrilled about the headband.
 photo IMG_0576_zpsd701766f.jpg
 photo IMG_0583_zps4749ed93.jpg

Amelia loves toys.
 photo IMG_0598_zps447291e4.jpg

Of course, nothing beats the packaging.
 photo IMG_0602_zps47921018.jpg

It was a bit of a bummer to leave our summer-like weather for the cold.  Still, no visit is complete without ice cream from Kimball Farms.
 photo IMG_0612_zpsc3231ff6.jpg

Amelia is starting to get really good at this walking thing.

Since Monday was Patriots Day, there was a special event at Gillette Stadium.  I was really hoping Tom Brady would be there so we could finally have our long-awaited moment, but sadly, he was a no-show.
 photo IMG_0634_zps066a4604.jpg  photo IMG_0621_zps8485b144.jpg

The plan was to have our picture taken on the field, but first, we had a little lunch.
 photo IMG_0623_zps645e8dc2.jpg
Aunt Becky was the only person allowed to hold Amelia, a rule created by Amelia.

 photo IMG_0630_zps0921d48e.jpg

We did a little shopping.
 photo IMG_0632_zps4db1b164.jpg  photo IMG_0637_zps07f70866.jpg  photo IMG_0638_zps14d1124d.jpg

Then it was time to have our picture taken on the field.  After just an hour and a half of waiting.
 photo IMG_0646_zpsa85e1693.jpg  photo IMG_0666_zpsc9198dba.jpg  photo IMG_0683_zpsac80d2a1.jpg

The little ones had fun wandering the place while we waited.
 photo IMG_0665_zpsf5d7f9c0.jpg  photo IMG_0652_zps2dd0434a.jpg  photo IMG_0655_zps7ce3c16d.jpg  photo IMG_0659_zpsf2d0a1d8.jpg

We skipped out on the extra hour of waiting to see Pat the Patriot and finally made our way on to the field.
 photo IMG_0685_zpsf6ae9273.jpg  photo IMG_0689_zps82e64872.jpg

We had such a beautiful day, later marred by the tragedy that occurred right down the road which we learned about upon returning to the car.  The marathon was a huge event, some of which we watched on the news before heading to Foxboro.  In fact, we drove through the town where the race began.  Signs on the highway directed traffic and Becky pointed out all the tour buses bringing spectators from the starting line to the finish line.

Being so close to everything taking place made me even more appreciative for time spent with family.
 photo IMG_0696-3_zps2a38e23e.jpg  photo IMG_0703_zpsd845d062.jpg

As for the hour long flight?  Amelia rocked it out.
 photo IMG_0705_zps359e25d8.jpg

We're already missing everyone and can't wait to have another visit. Next time we'll bring big brother Will, who was a little upset that his boys' party with Daddy didn't have balloons.


Rebecca said...

we already miss her! I hope she remembers me when I come down next month.

Christen Sanderson said...

Wow, so glad you two were safe. Love all the pics. Especially the one of you and Amelia. So pretty!