Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Things

I think (I THINK) it is finally spring in our area, and we have been thoroughly enjoying it.

 Last weekend we went out for ice cream at our little city's most popular spot. While ice cream is nothing new for this guy...  photo IMG_0379_zpsfd1c640f.jpg

It was Amelia's first cone.  photo IMG_0389_zps97e04bd5.jpg

I think she liked it.
 photo IMG_0397_zpsdb21ccda.jpg

*insert random picture of our outing to the grocery store*
 photo IMG_0406_zps879ca6c2.jpg

On Sunday we went to my mom's.  Will has learned that Grandma always has a gift for him, so upon arrival he asked, "Do you have a special something for me?"

As it turned out, she surprised him with roller blades.
 photo IMG_0411_zps84b9c463.jpg

It was definitely interesting.
 photo IMG_0420_zpsefef81ca.jpg

Since rollerblading was a bit tricky, we decided to give tennis a try.  Except...
 photo IMG_0432_zps83f04a98.jpg
Tennis was too hard, too.

You know what else is hard?  Three year olds.  Meanwhile, I kind of wish I could bottle up the sweet, easy going demeanor of my 10 month old because I'm kind of not ready for another toddler.
 photo IMG_0440_zpsc8898385.jpg  photo IMG_0450_zps4fac6b7f.jpg

If nothing else, Will is persistent.  He has continued to give rollerblading his best effort and can now skate (walk) by himself with minimal teetering.  Today he told me he wanted to fall so he could use his wrist guards.
 photo IMG_0443_zps00d212d8.jpg

Mommy and Amelia cheering Will on.
 photo IMG_0456_zps03fe6bec.jpg

Yay for spring and for trying new things!
 photo IMG_0468_zps22eaaa60.jpg  photo IMG_0463_zps8c1ea549.jpg

And that sweet demeanor I previously mentioned...  I couldn't even get a picture of these three because Amelia wouldn't stop hugging her brother.
 photo IMG_0476-2_zpsda15bc14.jpg

Such a little lover.
 photo IMG_0483-2_zpsb7f0be0b.jpg


Amy said...

We JUST said the same thing the other day, we're so not ready for another go around of this age :) oh my word, 3 is hard. HARD....lately, i'm about to go nuts since he is so damn tired every night. Anyway, the pic of Amelia in the chair is priceless.

Courtney R said...

Love that pic of Amelia and Grandma. Frame it and call it a Mother's Day gift. :)