Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer, is that you?

So this week, we skipped spring altogether and traveled straight to summer. 80's and 90's. No complaints here. We love summer.  photo IMG_0520_zpsa7d901e0.jpg  photo IMG_0505_zps728eaf6b.jpg  photo IMG_0503_zps9390eef3.jpg

After almost 3 months apart, little friends were reunited at the park for a picnic.
 photo IMG_0526_zps0e06cfcd.jpg  photo IMG_0524_zpsdf28b63b.jpg

And introducing the reason for all that time apart - Baby Nicole, born 6 weeks early, who is finally ready to play.
 photo IMG_0534-2_zpse650fd0e.jpg

Just exploring.
 photo IMG_0531_zps4c434074.jpg

The big kids enjoyed pushing the littler kid on the swing.
 photo IMG_0537_zpsa5223d59.jpg

Swings for everyone.
 photo IMG_0540_zpsca573026.jpg

And when it's 90+ degrees, you break out the baby pool and have an April swim.
 photo IMG_0546_zpsc783e210.jpg  photo IMG_0554_zpsc61c993e.jpg  photo IMG_0557_zps861a8074.jpg

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