Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The big race

Peekaboo! It's just Amelia, here to tell you about her weekend.  photo April2013002_zps839b9b1c.jpg
Really, that's how she plays peekaboo. Isn't she a doll?

Mike went out of town for a few days to partake in a bachelor party for an old friend.  Yeah, you could say I'm the best wife ever.  I mean, I wouldn't say it.  But you could.

Sadly, Mike missed the big neighborhood race.  One Will had looked forward to all week.   photo April2013017_zps31fb80db.jpg

"I'm going to run REALLY fast, Mommy."
 photo April2013019_zps6d926ade.jpg

But I think what he meant to say was, "I'm going to run REALLY fast for the first minute, and then I'm going to cry REALLY loud in a dramatic fashion until you carry me the rest of the way."  Yeah, that sounds more like it.
 photo April2013021_zps42cf5dd4.jpg

The big race was a big bust.  Luckily, Grandma was around for Amelia duty so I only had one cry baby on my hands.
 photo April2013026_zps94e76074.jpg

Then, as if the race wasn't fun enough, there was face painting too.  And about 20 minutes into waiting, I would begin to regret drawing Will's attention to the face painter.  After about an hour of waiting, I really regretted it.
 photo April2013035_zps5437298f.jpg

In fact, Will waited until we stood in line for one hour, 5 minutes (with, at that point, only 2 kids in front of us) to decide he was all done and ready to go home.  And I was all, "Hell naw.  I don't care if I have to hold him down kicking and screaming, Dude is getting painted."

One hour, 15 minutes later, we had a snake.  And then we could leave.
 photo April2013036_zps0ee56298.jpg

But the fun was just getting started because, when we returned home, it was time to celebrate Grandma's birthday.
 photo April2013049_zps30407973.jpg

Will gets so giddy over birthday parties.  He insisted on hiding so he could yell 'Surprise!' when my mom walked through the door that morning.
 photo April2013041_zps1153e928.jpg

He picked a Tangled party theme for Grandma.
 photo April2013048_zps942d4eaf.jpg

This is what happens when you leave the room for half a minute and Grandma has cake in front of her.  Me thinks we will have a successful cake smash for her first birthday.
 photo April2013046_zps52030b23.jpg

And speaking of the big first birthday (2 weeks from today - eek!), Amelia got a special present in the mail last week from Aunt Kelly and Grammy.  A pretty pink rocking chair with her name on it.  Except, she thinks it's for standing on.
 photo April2013013_zps3da6729d.jpg

Will wanted a picture of both of them in their rocking chairs.

Will's fake smile...
 photo IMG_1018_zps95183672.jpg

Amelia's fake smile...
 photo IMG_1019_zpsa7fa851a.jpg

Then we had to switch chairs.  Can you tell Will was directing this photo shoot?
 photo IMG_1021_zps92e4c43c.jpg

Finally, Amelia remembered that rocking chairs are for standing on.
 photo IMG_1024_zps1568d524.jpg


Christen Sanderson said...

Is it my imagination, or do you live in Pleasantville? Seriously, your neighborhood looks so charming! Cute post, and cute pics, as always :)

Rebecca said...

I feel like in the picture with cake all over her face, Amelia almost looks like she is smirking "Yeah, I have cake all over me. Waddaya gonna do about it?"

Amy said...

Holy big kid! I can't believe these babies are almost one!!