Friday, April 5, 2013

This week

Things we did this week.

 Monday was a gorgeous day and I was able to talk Mike into taking the day off to join us at Kings Dominion. I woke Will up and told him we were going somewhere special. "Are we going to Target?" he asked excitedly. I told him it was a surprise and, once he realized we were at the 'spinny rides,' he was thrilled. "You surprised me!" he kept repeating.  photo IMG_0205_zps3c5ff38f.jpg  photo IMG_0207_zps4289b9ab.jpg  photo IMG_0220_zps1e5b1dce.jpg

Will is pretty fearless and will go on just about anything he's tall enough for.
 photo IMG_0244_zpsbe48122e.jpg  photo IMG_0248_zps8e9fbfef.jpg

And Amelia....
 photo IMG_0224_zps82ed46ad.jpg

She went on a few rides, but was fairly content to hang out while Will had most of the fun.
 photo IMG_0231_zps48bc45d8.jpg  photo IMG_0256_zps2062c2a8.jpg  photo IMG_0234_zpsa495ebdb.jpg  photo IMG_0294_zps3e01ba7a.jpg

Also this week, we had one more Easter event to attend.
 photo IMG_0303_zpsfdecc92f.jpg  photo IMG_0301-2_zps8cea1dc6.jpg

Our neighborhood hosted an Easter egg hunt with crafts and snacks.
 photo IMG_0315_zps91e70814.jpg  photo IMG_0320_zpsa0f67da9.jpg

And another meeting with The Bunny.
 photo IMG_0330_zps2e3d94c2.jpg

Speaking of The Bunny, Will got a kite in his Easter basket and has been begging to fly it.  Wednesday was a perfect kite day.
 photo IMG_0351_zps47a8be5b.jpg

In closing, so many toys and yet the hamper has become their favorite thing to play with...
 photo IMG_0363_zps144c13d8.jpg

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Amy said...

um, can we talk about her shoes? I love them. Freaking adorable. LOL at the target thing, that's something brady would say, we go there WAY too much! :)