Friday, April 26, 2013

Working in the yard

One of my favorite spring time activities is gardening. I'm not particularly good at it, but I love it all the same. I go the store every year totally enamored by all the beautiful flowers to choose from. Though every year I just go with the petunias. They're easy.

 This year I had two little helpers.  photo IMG_0743_zpsd56a2b77.jpg

Will was adamant we buy these flowers because 'they are my favorites.'
 photo IMG_0747_zps4a992396.jpg  photo IMG_0753_zpsaa242e4a.jpg  photo IMG_0754_zps3a00a56e.jpg

I bought Will his own garden tools and gloves.
 photo IMG_0763_zps89e66cc5.jpg

By the way, putting gloves on a 3 year old is now my least favorite activity.
 photo IMG_0755_zps814c5cf8.jpg

Dude is all business.  He got right to work.
 photo IMG_0759_zps7072485b.jpg  photo IMG_0776_zps5564de4a.jpg

Will has been asking for an American flag for weeks now.  While he was originally excited about this little yard flag, he now wants a big one on the house.  Our patriotic little fellow.
 photo IMG_0770_zps2bdd5a78.jpg

Ellie was happy to help, too.
 photo IMG_0782_zps468a36bf.jpg

We are loving our new house in the spring time!
 photo IMG_0780_zps626877e5.jpg

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