Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aunt Becky came to town

Will refers to our 4th bedroom, which currently houses a futon (and only a futon), as "Aunt Becky's room." Finally, after four months of emptiness, Aunt Becky finally slept in 'her' room. We loved every minute of having her here.

 First stop.... Krispy Kreme. I'm seriously addicted to Krispy Kreme and "we're on vacation" became a dangerous mantra Becky and I used to justify our near endless snacking.  photo IMG_1899_zpsd37938e7.jpg  photo IMG_1902_zpsc92f2219.jpg

We had strange weather over Memorial Day weekend.  It was nice, sure, but our 60's and low 70's didn't exactly feel like a kick-off to summer.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed walking around Downtown Fredericksburg.
 photo IMG_1905_zpsfe9ea010.jpg  photo IMG_1909_zps39b93b71.jpg  photo IMG_1912_zps1ddfdeae.jpg  photo IMG_1920_zps8d8236e3.jpg

On Sunday we celebrated 31 years of Aunt Becky.
 photo IMG_1934-2_zps802737b4.jpg
Will kind of hates having his picture taken lately.

 photo IMG_1943_zps79beb507.jpg  photo IMG_1940_zpsd9c17493.jpg

Amelia finally decided to eat some cake!
 photo IMG_1957_zpsae074833.jpg

Speaking of eating, Amelia now insists on feeding herself with a spoon.  She's getting there...
 photo IMG_1962_zps87086d8e.jpg

On Memorial Day, Becky's real birthday, I asked her what she wanted to do.  So off we went to a local winery for a picnic and a tasting.
 photo IMG_1969_zpsff6a3e16.jpg
Amelia trying to talk Will into sharing his juice box.

 photo IMG_1970_zps550e4754.jpg  photo IMG_1991_zpsc0486c6b.jpg

Sometimes it shocks me how little alcohol I drink considering my day to day life.  Although, I have to say, these two little monkeys were pretty well behaved at the winery.
 photo IMG_1978_zps2216ea0a.jpg  photo IMG_1997_zpsf7b7c3c3.jpg  photo IMG_1995_zps079236e3.jpg

Getting ready for cheesecake back at the house...
 photo IMG_2003_zps5c1332cf.jpg

Memorial Day weekend always means the start of pool season around here.  Even though it was rather cold, Mike insisted on taking Will to the pool.
 photo IMG_2026_zpsdf9eaea7.jpg

Will jumped in the big pool and decided it was too cold.  However, he enjoyed the baby pool for a good 10 minutes.  After that I insisted he get out before he froze.  He wasn't very happy with me.
 photo IMG_2036_zps776f3ea6.jpg

First s'mores of the season...
 photo IMG_2049_zpse1f35db2.jpg  photo IMG_2053_zpsa65809ff.jpg  photo IMG_2056_zpsd2ac5ca6.jpg

Before dropping Aunt Becky off at the airport (*tear*), we took a quick trip to National Harbor for lunch.
 photo IMG_2059_zps7423a74f.jpg  photo IMG_2062_zps8bddc6b3.jpg

Of course we had to try out the new carousel...
 photo IMG_2072_zpsa7791231.jpg

And climb around on "the big guy coming out of the sand."
 photo IMG_2086_zpsb43fa380.jpg

Come back soon, Aunt Becky!  We miss you already!
 photo IMG_2075_zps9cb47f19.jpg  photo IMG_2083_zpsae0f2740.jpg

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life, lately

Life has been busy for us the last couple of weeks. We've enjoyed nice weather, fun outings, and projects around the house.

 I decided to take the kids strawberry picking, even though Will hasn't been much of a fan lately and Amelia doesn't seem to like them at all.
   photo IMG_1476_zps6e1ea815.jpg  photo IMG_1485_zps1e02edac.jpg  photo IMG_1497_zps19e68b67.jpg  photo IMG_1502_zps282bf7e3.jpg

Thanks to an episode of 'Caillou goes strawberry picking' on YouTube, Will was schooled on the activity beforehand.  He did a good job of picking the ones that looked just right.  Even Amelia enjoyed picking them and putting them in our bucket.
 photo IMG_1505-2_zps8dad437d.jpg  photo IMG_1506_zps968ce2f8.jpg  photo IMG_1511_zpsab406ed3.jpg

We've enjoyed strawberries plain, strawberry shortcake, strawberry muffins.  And I'm pretty sure I'll be making a strawberry cheesecake with the ones that remain in our freezer.  Yum.
 photo IMG_1516_zpsdce9dfd7.jpg

I bought a season pass so there will be plenty of fun on the farm this summer.
 photo IMG_1538_zps340414dd.jpg  photo IMG_1549_zps80f8fe86.jpg

As Will said yesterday, "We're having a fun summer day!"  Hot days beg for water play and we happily oblige.
 photo IMG_1876_zps3bd9d7d2.jpg

Some fun at the neighborhood sprayground (or splash pad or sprinklers - whatever you want to call them since everyone always seems so confused when I refer to them as a 'sprayground').
 photo IMG_1812_zps59781481.jpg  photo IMG_1821_zps2e993404.jpg  photo IMG_1832_zps5bceed83.jpg

You can tell Amelia's done when she climbs into her stroller and refuses to get out.
 photo IMG_1838_zps22e91c18.jpg

The other day, we had fun feeding our neighborhood pets: two ducks...
 photo IMG_1839_zps37549eee.jpg

and Amelia!
 photo IMG_1841_zps5f65b860.jpg

Will had his last day of school and Amelia and I participated in the end of  year celebration.  Amelia felt pretty special sitting in the big kid chair.  I'm pretty sure Will was happy to have her there.
 photo IMG_1849_zps141864ec.jpg

Will loved this lady.
 photo IMG_1856_zps616d2101.jpg  photo IMG_1863_zpsf813f79d.jpg

Despite the face he's making, he loved this one too.
 photo IMG_1869_zpsa961b493.jpg

I think Amelia's excited to go to school herself someday.
 photo IMG_1859_zps7aa51e5d.jpg

In closing, we have a new addition to the family. My craigslist dresser turned dining room buffet. Painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint with dark and clear wax, and new hardware. Oh my. Me loves.  photo buffetre-do_zpsce8cc894.jpg