Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Five

Five things we did this week.

 1. Enjoyed some ice cream on a beautiful day.  photo IMG_1046_zps7d59c580.jpg

   photo IMG_1051_zps83615516.jpg photo IMG_1056_zpsa2e5833e.jpg

2. Took an evening stroll to see the neighborhood fountain, which was finally turned on yesterday after three very long months of waiting.
 photo IMG_1093_zpsf3a97a32.jpg  photo IMG_1069_zps7e0a798c.jpg  photo IMG_1077_zps3b459a1c.jpg
 photo IMG_1085_zps976179db.jpg  photo IMG_1086_zps3b753126.jpg

3. Bubble party (as Will calls it)!
 photo IMG_1103_zpsa98cef72.jpg  photo IMG_1098_zps0d66a06a.jpg
Walking, walking everywhere!

4. Sidewalk chalk in the driveway.  Apparently our chalk rainbow looked like the perfect seat to Amelia.
 photo IMG_1100_zpsb91417b3.jpg

My chalk person is on the left (half-finished thanks to a certain baby who would not stop climbing the front steps).  Will's chalk person is on the right - his first person picture ever!
 photo IMG_1105_zps97b76bf7.jpg

5. Gearing up for a weekend with Dad.  Due to his being out of town and having a busy work schedule, we've kinda missed having him around.
 photo IMG_1106_zps3f9df99b.jpg


Rebecca said...

Will looks downright angelic in the sun

Alexandra Stafford said...

Omg they look so grown up! Both of them. Will looks like a real little boy, and I cannot believe Amelia is walking AND holding an ice cream cone. I want an ice cream shop like that in my town...meh. xoxo

Amy said...

U,m, adorable. That pic of them by the fountain and the cone pic? Perfect! Love it!