Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Yesterday I celebrated my first Mother's Day with my baby. I couldn't help but remember how last year on this day we were just hours away from meeting each other.  photo IMG_1351_zps532e56cd.jpg
Amelia is such a little Mama. She loves her babies. Sometimes I catch her giving loving pats on the back. 

 We decided to take a drive to Grandma's for the day. Will was excited.  photo IMG_1352_zps13e64676.jpg

He loves his Grandma.
 photo IMG_1454_zps1fbb19f3.jpg  photo IMG_1354_zps00671fa5.jpg

On Friday, while at Wegmans, Will and I watched the lady at the bakery make chocolate covered strawberries.  I told him he should tell Daddy to get some for Mother's Day.  Will not only remembered this request, but he nagged Mike endlessly until they returned to purchase one.  In addition, Mike gifted me the opportunity to sleep until 9:15 and I came downstairs to chocolate croissants.  Delish.
 photo IMG_1362_zps2b35e4df.jpg

We decided to go to the park and feed some ducks (geese).
 photo IMG_1373_zps7084d114.jpg

As with most things, Amelia's little mind was blown.
 photo IMG_1384_zpsc6114376.jpg  photo IMG_1413_zps18ff8794.jpg
 photo IMG_1429_zpse2a5dc4c.jpg  photo IMG_1440_zps5bd16a58.jpg

Will always takes the opportunity to steal a little bread from his feathered friends.
 photo IMG_1394_zps24637691.jpg

We've been very interested in all the caterpillars we find outside.
 photo IMG_1431_zps2119165e.jpg  photo IMG_1439_zps42471076.jpg  photo IMG_1444_zps8842d93c.jpg

Amelia is taking after Will and proving herself to be quite the climber.
 photo IMG_1424_zps3a5aa2a1.jpg  photo IMG_1387_zps66b5801e.jpg

Will made my "love day" very special.  Feeling lucky today and everyday.
 photo IMG_1450_zps70e76600.jpg  photo IMG_1401_zps40fb955b.jpg  photo mothersday_zpsc86cf0d9.jpg

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Christen Sanderson said...

Sweet post, Carrie! Love the pics of Amelia holding her babies. Reminds me of Adelyn, and her babies. It's so sweet when little girls start loving baby dolls. And how sweet of Will to remember the strawberries!