Sunday, May 19, 2013

The day she turned one

The night before Amelia's birthday, she was up twice. We met up at 12:30 and 4:30. If I was feeling sad about no longer having my little baby, she certainly did an adequate job of reminding me why it's fun to have a bigger girl. Hopefully we will be sleeping through the night with consistency soon.

 Because of her late night antics, Amelia slept in until 9 AM. Crazy.  photo IMG_1593_zps92891205.jpg

Amelia's birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy was this cute little trike. Mike was excited to take her for her first ride.  photo IMG_1583_zps8d2fc98d.jpg

For Will's first birthday I had all the time in the world to plan an elaborate football themed party. It was fun, sure, but I felt like I ran around the whole day and didn't get to fully enjoy it. So when it was Amelia's turn, we opted to skip the large affair. Instead we had a family day at the zoo. It was perfect.  photo IMG_1598_zpse63707fd.jpg

Will's favorite part of the day was riding the new carousel.  Amelia liked it too.
 photo IMG_1602_zpsbb467a27.jpg  photo IMG_1606_zpsfe8768f1.jpg

Watching the orangutans on the O-line.  Mike and Will were warned to steer clear of the poop zone directly under them.
 photo IMG_1618_zps422ba81a.jpg

Speaking of poop, Will complained about smelling it all day long.  "It stinks!  Can we get out of here?"
 photo IMG_1621_zps4d1e0aba.jpg  photo IMG_1624_zpsc2afbf3b.jpg  photo IMG_1645_zpse238c9b1.jpg  photo IMG_1637_zps7c350371.jpg

Will asked if this panda statue was real.
 photo IMG_1649_zpsacf0b7a3.jpg
This kid's going places.  Not college.  But places.

Amelia really enjoyed all the animals she saw.
 photo IMG_1659_zps85d03ecf.jpg

The otters were a favorite.  So cute and fun to watch.
 photo IMG_1663_zps53c53bb3.jpg  photo IMG_1677_zpsa47dcf65.jpg

Will checked out the map so we could go see my favorite exhibit: the seals and sea lions.
 photo IMG_1680_zps56d3cac3.jpg  photo IMG_1690_zpsf4e44383.jpg  photo IMG_1695_zpsd4062154.jpg  photo IMG_1731_zpsa8819132.jpg

After the zoo it was off to Grandma's for cake and presents.
 photo IMG_1753_zps842d7ef0.jpg  photo IMG_1746_zpse336e659.jpg

Will picked out this baby and a stroller for Amelia.  She loves them both.
 photo IMG_1765_zpsc7a1515c.jpg
Giving kisses!

Can't believe she's one.  Sigh.
 photo IMG_1779_zps3228fb2f.jpg

Grandma stayed up late the night before to make this cake for her favorite baby girl.  While it sometimes makes me sad that our kids only have one grandparent that chooses to be present in their lives, I also realize how tremendously lucky they are.  Grandma loves her babies.
 photo IMG_1772_zps15d2e396.jpg  photo IMG_1790_zpsf1cc2b65.jpg  photo IMG_1796_zpsef2b580d.jpg

Amelia was so exhausted from her day, the cake was a no-go.  Ah, well, there's always next year.
 photo IMG_1801_zps5bebe235.jpg


Rebecca said...

...and in addition to that awesome Grandma, Amelia and Will have so very many Aunts, uncles, cousins and a Grammy that love them so very much.

Can't wait to see my munchkins in a few days!!

..btw...Will is going to make the Krispy Kreme doughnuts, remember?

Christen Sanderson said...

Happy Birthday to Amelia! Wow! Time marches on, doesn't it? I LOVE the picture of you and Amelia! And what a sweet teddy bear cake!

Amy said...

Ack! So cute! Can't believe how fast it went! Sheesh! Slow down! I looks like a great day! Happy Birthday Amelia!!!