Friday, June 28, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 years

Last Friday, Mike and I celebrated 5 years of being married. When I was younger, imagining what my future would look like, this is exactly what I saw--  photo IMG_2329_zps5032accb.jpg

We're not much for gift-giving, but 5 years is kind of a big deal. Mike surprised me with a pink Kitchen Aid mixer I've been eyeing and a blue hydrangea that will bloom in our front yard for many years to come (hopefully). I planned a surprise getaway for us on the sly, so on Saturday morning, I sent Amelia into our room with a note that told Mike to get up because we had big plans.

 My mom stayed with the kids and we had a glorious time laying on the beach reading, going out for a real meal, and spending the night in a hotel without children. Amazing.  photo IMG_2352_zps6aa2b2e7.jpg

This week it's just me and the little miss while big brother Will is at dinosaur summer camp. He was originally signed up for the half day program, but when he realized all his little friends were eating lunch together and staying for the whole day, he insisted that he should too.

 At least I have good company.  photo IMG_2364_zps815a95a9.jpg

Monday, June 17, 2013

Right now

"Look at me, Mommy! I'm a cat man."  photo IMG_2257_zps20630f93.jpg

It's summertime, which means life is moving a little slower these days. Not that we aren't busy. Picnics in the park, trips to the pool and our sprayground, arts and crafts, library time, baking cookies, playing with friends. Of course, we always make time for snuggling.  photo IMG_2262_zps6392d621.jpg

The other day was predicted to be stormy, but most of it was dry - just a bit overcast.  After naps (even Will took one!), we ventured out for a walk on the trail behind our house.  We had to cut it short and high tail it out of there when the thunder started.
 photo IMG_2268_zps4ec73ac1.jpg

Since the afternoon turned stormy, we had to come up with fun things to do inside.  Making a car out of this box was Will's idea.  He asked me to draw a face and windows, with a reminder that 'the windows need to be trapezoids.'
 photo IMG_2272_zps2fd023e4.jpg

Amelia has become a hat girl, taking them on and off all day.
 photo IMG_2281_zpsbe36da76.jpg

Though, she always takes breaks from hat-wearing to climb up on her favorite table.
 photo IMG_2293_zpsf271376d.jpg

I bribed Will to go out for new picture frames (needed for our Father's Day photo shoot) with promises of new paint.  It keeps him busy for, like, five whole minutes.
 photo IMG_2288_zps9cbf3450.jpg

Loved walking into the room the other morning to find these two sitting like this...
 photo IMG_2309_zpsce32dfef.jpg

After many months of planning and anticipation, the living room finally got a makeover.
 photo IMG_2311_zpsa79d76b6.jpg

And after Daddy spent all day painting, he got to spend an evening taking care of his littlest kid so that I could have a date with the bigger one.  Will and I went to Chuck E Cheese and it was perfect.
 photo IMG_2313_zps0297cce8.jpg

What would we do without Daddy?  We love him.  Happy Father's Day, Mikey!
 photo IMG_2324_zpsc097ece1.jpg

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The farm and other happenings

Last week we enjoyed some more fun on the farm.  photo IMG_2225_zps07155c3d.jpg

We have a season pass and it's so close to home. I know we will spend plenty of summer days here.  photo IMG_2188_zps63b1d672.jpg

Note to self: next time Will plays in the giant sand piles, change his clothes before entering the house.  Sand was everywhere!!
 photo IMG_2198_zps448fd688.jpg

Amelia has a love/hate relationship with the chickens.  Maybe she's a city girl?
 photo IMG_2205_zps3c85854d.jpg  photo IMG_2208_zps6e9895b4.jpg

It's good to be a kid in the summertime.  Actually, it's good to be an adult too.
 photo IMG_2214_zps144e91b6.jpg  photo IMG_2217_zpsd3da4f12.jpg

I love days like this with the kiddos.
 photo IMG_2222_zpse463a1f4.jpg

In other news, Will now picks out his own clothes and dresses himself before leaving his room every morning.  He does a great job.  Most of the time.
 photo IMG_2234_zpsf11887eb.jpg

Over the weekend, I ran my first 5k in 3 years and this was truly a good time.  Will loved throwing the colors everywhere and thought it was so funny to see me covered in them.  After this race I'm feeling so inspired, I might even sign up for next year's Marine Corps half-marathon.  Because running 3 miles is the same as running 13.  Right?
 photo IMG_2238_zps82f86cac.jpg

As for other firsts taking place over the weekend, Amelia's bike helmet finally arrived and Will was very excited to take her for a ride.
 photo IMG_2245_zpsaef91365.jpg

So far she seems to be a fan.
 photo IMG_2250_zps6b8b720e.jpg

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Little Helpers

I'm so lucky to have such wonderful little helpers.

 They love to water the flowers.  photo IMG_2089_zps6b48e342.jpg

They help me grocery shop.  photo IMG_2095_zpsa9e15eda.jpg
Will was thrilled to share the car with his sister.

Amelia loves to help with dishwasher duty.
 photo IMG_2133_zps993ccba2.jpg

And she also gives me many (many!) workouts, by climbing on this table all day long.
 photo IMG_2135_zps4385828e.jpg

But when we're not busy with our chores and errands, we go to the pool.
 photo IMG_2103_zpsc4992322.jpg  photo IMG_2105_zps5dfeef18.jpg  photo IMG_2110_zps5c5a3f38.jpg

We love the pool.
 photo IMG_2112_zps65db0ae0.jpg  photo IMG_2116_zps242c22d3.jpg

So far, our cicada invasion has been relatively tame.  Occasionally they visit us at the pool, which thrills Amelia to no end.
 photo IMG_2107_zpse37c92f8.jpg

Also, we have fun with friends at the sprayground.
 photo IMG_2127_zps1f4929d4.jpg  photo IMG_2130_zps820a8050.jpg

Yesterday, my little helpers and I ventured downtown to the picnic our city hosts on summer Tuesdays.
 photo IMG_2141_zpse3d2b4a8.jpg

There's live music and activities for the kiddos.
 photo IMG_2136_zps4c34fb6e.jpg  photo IMG_2146_zpsfe43a551.jpg
 photo IMG_2149_zps8109e5df.jpg

Will likes to ask the random people around us, "How's your lunch?"  Such a friendly guy.  Sometimes a little too friendly.  We're working on it.
 photo IMG_2160_zps85a269b8.jpg  photo IMG_2163_zps642eb600.jpg

If you think you've noticed Will wearing this outfit in every post, your eyes do not deceive you.  It's his favorite and I can't keep it clean often enough.
 photo IMG_2170_zps54428669.jpg

Since the weather was so gorgeous, we decided to walk for ice cream.  However, someone decided to have a tantrum in the restaurant and had to watch his sister eat the cone that was otherwise intended for him.  It sucks, but sometimes I have to play mean mommy.
 photo IMG_2179_zps66270e34.jpg