Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Little Helpers

I'm so lucky to have such wonderful little helpers.

 They love to water the flowers.  photo IMG_2089_zps6b48e342.jpg

They help me grocery shop.  photo IMG_2095_zpsa9e15eda.jpg
Will was thrilled to share the car with his sister.

Amelia loves to help with dishwasher duty.
 photo IMG_2133_zps993ccba2.jpg

And she also gives me many (many!) workouts, by climbing on this table all day long.
 photo IMG_2135_zps4385828e.jpg

But when we're not busy with our chores and errands, we go to the pool.
 photo IMG_2103_zpsc4992322.jpg  photo IMG_2105_zps5dfeef18.jpg  photo IMG_2110_zps5c5a3f38.jpg

We love the pool.
 photo IMG_2112_zps65db0ae0.jpg  photo IMG_2116_zps242c22d3.jpg

So far, our cicada invasion has been relatively tame.  Occasionally they visit us at the pool, which thrills Amelia to no end.
 photo IMG_2107_zpse37c92f8.jpg

Also, we have fun with friends at the sprayground.
 photo IMG_2127_zps1f4929d4.jpg  photo IMG_2130_zps820a8050.jpg

Yesterday, my little helpers and I ventured downtown to the picnic our city hosts on summer Tuesdays.
 photo IMG_2141_zpse3d2b4a8.jpg

There's live music and activities for the kiddos.
 photo IMG_2136_zps4c34fb6e.jpg  photo IMG_2146_zpsfe43a551.jpg
 photo IMG_2149_zps8109e5df.jpg

Will likes to ask the random people around us, "How's your lunch?"  Such a friendly guy.  Sometimes a little too friendly.  We're working on it.
 photo IMG_2160_zps85a269b8.jpg  photo IMG_2163_zps642eb600.jpg

If you think you've noticed Will wearing this outfit in every post, your eyes do not deceive you.  It's his favorite and I can't keep it clean often enough.
 photo IMG_2170_zps54428669.jpg

Since the weather was so gorgeous, we decided to walk for ice cream.  However, someone decided to have a tantrum in the restaurant and had to watch his sister eat the cone that was otherwise intended for him.  It sucks, but sometimes I have to play mean mommy.
 photo IMG_2179_zps66270e34.jpg

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Erin said...

Way to go, Mean Mommy! I feel like that should be my name most of the time.

Isn't that the outfit you guys had to Skype to show me?