Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The farm and other happenings

Last week we enjoyed some more fun on the farm.  photo IMG_2225_zps07155c3d.jpg

We have a season pass and it's so close to home. I know we will spend plenty of summer days here.  photo IMG_2188_zps63b1d672.jpg

Note to self: next time Will plays in the giant sand piles, change his clothes before entering the house.  Sand was everywhere!!
 photo IMG_2198_zps448fd688.jpg

Amelia has a love/hate relationship with the chickens.  Maybe she's a city girl?
 photo IMG_2205_zps3c85854d.jpg  photo IMG_2208_zps6e9895b4.jpg

It's good to be a kid in the summertime.  Actually, it's good to be an adult too.
 photo IMG_2214_zps144e91b6.jpg  photo IMG_2217_zpsd3da4f12.jpg

I love days like this with the kiddos.
 photo IMG_2222_zpse463a1f4.jpg

In other news, Will now picks out his own clothes and dresses himself before leaving his room every morning.  He does a great job.  Most of the time.
 photo IMG_2234_zpsf11887eb.jpg

Over the weekend, I ran my first 5k in 3 years and this was truly a good time.  Will loved throwing the colors everywhere and thought it was so funny to see me covered in them.  After this race I'm feeling so inspired, I might even sign up for next year's Marine Corps half-marathon.  Because running 3 miles is the same as running 13.  Right?
 photo IMG_2238_zps82f86cac.jpg

As for other firsts taking place over the weekend, Amelia's bike helmet finally arrived and Will was very excited to take her for a ride.
 photo IMG_2245_zpsaef91365.jpg

So far she seems to be a fan.
 photo IMG_2250_zps6b8b720e.jpg

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