Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life with Bailey

Life with three kids three and under has been busy.

 OK, so one of my kids is a dog. But still, he's a lot of work.  photo IMG_2712_zps29bd551a.jpg

It's true what they say: golden retrievers are smart dogs.  Even at the ripe old age of 10 weeks, Bailey is catching on very quickly.  He already goes to the door when he needs to go out for a potty break.  I hesitate to call him 'house trained,' but still...  Impressive, no?

He seems to have the puppy biting (mostly) under control and realizes that the kids are not his litter mates (no jumping allowed).  Of course, he's a puppy and needs frequent re-direction.  But he responds well.

I think he's going to be a great dog.  That being said, I'm sort of ready for the puppy stage to be over.  What do I have - two years to go?  Sigh...
 photo IMG_2716_zps1d1e5104.jpg

Bailey had his first ice cream a few nights ago.  He was a fan.  But, Bailey is a fan of most all things edible (and sometimes inedible).
 photo IMG_2805_zps7c5fe3df.jpg  photo IMG_2807_zpsd5e5362d.jpg  photo IMG_2808_zps0e6b6e89.jpg  photo IMG_2812_zps14a4b1ab.jpg

Bailey doesn't enjoy going for walks, doesn't know what to do in the kiddie pool, and looks at us with utter confusion when we throw tennis balls.  But he loves the sandbox.  LOVES.  Me thinks our September beach trip will be a huge success.
 photo IMG_2823_zpsd8154cc9.jpg

Today, Will painted rocks for our garden.  Come on, don't laugh.  It's a craft so simple you wish you had thought of it.  Right?
 photo IMG_2827_zpsb67180a1.jpg

Apparently Bailey likes to paint, too.  Who knew?
 photo IMG_2832_zpsfebd66b2.jpg

Just, no pictures, please.
 photo IMG_2831_zps8a0c6350.jpg

Tomorrow the kids and I are packing this joint up and heading on an impromptu weekend journey to Massachusetts to see family.    photo IMG_2819-2_zpsd1b74c0a.jpg

Mike and Bailey (and Chewie) are staying behind.  I'm only a little jealous.  What would I do with 4 days to myself?  Go to the pool, watch movies, read books?  I can't even imagine.  Maybe someday.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Five

Five things we did this week.

 1. Enjoyed ice cream cones on a hot day.  photo IMG_2730_zpsd7249ef4.jpg

Bailey supervised.  photo IMG_2734_zpsc0eb2a7b.jpg

2. Kept Amelia cool.  Will is more than willing to help with this.
 photo IMG_2779_zps2f04acaf.jpg

Bailey supervised.
 photo IMG_2782_zpsdc9e2c9c.jpg  photo IMG_2742_zpscb9a8a63.jpg

Poor 'Melia.  She's still hot.
 photo IMG_2802_zpsd5a7b69f.jpg

3. Enjoyed an outdoor movie!  One of my favorite summer activities.

We took the kids to see Finding Nemo.  The movie didn't start until 9 so we left about 30 minutes in.  Amelia applauded after the first scene (that would be when Nemo's mother was attacked and  killed) while Will whispered, "Is Nemo's mommy dead?"  Sadly, Bailey stayed home.
 photo IMG_2752_zps727c1dd9.jpg

4. Spent a beautiful evening at the neighborhood spray ground.
 photo IMG_2765_zpse77b45a2.jpg

Bailey supervised.
 photo IMG_2759_zps4e2f85b2.jpg

5. Watched a frog hop in the driveway.  And, yes, Bailey supervised that, too.
 photo IMG_2798_zps787a0a56.jpg

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meet Bailey

A few months ago, Ellie, our otherwise sweet and adorable yorkie, lunged at Will and bit him on the eye while he was trying to sit next to me on the couch. At 8 years old, Ellie was growing increasingly tired of the kids and biting is a non-negotiable. We were sad to part ways with her, but she is now living with a retired couple who dote on her and spoil her rotten.

 I really started to miss not having a dog around, so after doing some research, I settled on a golden retriever as our family dog of choice. Mike took a little convincing, but last weekend...  photo IMG_2635_zpsfa18b1dc.jpg

Hello, Puppy.
 photo IMG_2629_zps710a1ef6.jpg  photo IMG_2631_zpsd4b6da47.jpg

We named him Bailey.
 photo IMG_2638_zps413c95ef.jpg

We drove out to the mountains of western Virginia to pick him up.  The drive was long, but insanely beautiful.
 photo IMG_2651_zpsa6a2a85d.jpg  photo IMG_2657_zps65417c78.jpg  photo IMG_2645_zpsed2f592b.jpg  photo IMG_2659_zps8b7cd894.jpg

Bailey's first drink at home.
 photo IMG_2663_zps69216719.jpg

The neighbors came over to meet him, and we decided it would be the perfect time to light off the fireworks we didn't get to on the Fourth of July.  Bailey was cool with it.
 photo IMG_2671_zpsc0bb744e.jpg

He is settling in beautifully.  He sleeps through the night in his crate, waking up around 6 AM.  He's learning to walk on his leash and already knows how to sit.  House training is going great (*knocking on wood*).
 photo IMG_2679_zps472b7d4c.jpg

The only thing we're having some issues with is the teething.  He's a little too mouthy and physical with the kids and needs to be re-directed often.  I'm definitely ready for him to outgrow this phase.
 photo IMG_2692_zps3a3067f8.jpg

We're slowly but surely getting used to each other.
 photo IMG_2694_zps0038c7e6.jpg

Welcome to the family, Bailey!
 photo IMG_2701_zpse87d6af0.jpg  photo IMG_2683_zps00726c67.jpg  photo IMG_2698_zps736f047b.jpg  photo IMG_2708_zps5cc4e933.jpg

Monday, July 8, 2013

The perfect 4th

We had the perfect 4th of July. We did everything you're supposed to do on the 4th.

 I even started the day by running in the Heritage 5 miler, a race through our city's downtown. Slow and steady wins the race. Or comes in 550th place out of 600 runners. Either way, I ran the whole thing, so... go me!  photo IMG_2445_zps32b7c9fa.jpg

I was lucky to have the cutest little cheerleaders.  After the race, we stuck around for the parade. photo IMG_2453_zpsbbbf501b.jpg  photo IMG_2458_zpsa6c85e49.jpg  photo IMG_2467_zps5e50d60a.jpg

My "All American Hero" didn't feel like having his picture taken.
 photo IMG_2469_zpsaea7385f.jpg

Mater was at the parade!!
 photo IMG_2471_zps886a0f7b.jpg

Will enjoyed some swimming in the backyard pool while Amelia took her nap.
 photo IMG_2473_zpsc9ffb149.jpg

Our neighbor's dog came over for a visit.  Her name is Chai Berry.  Swear.  I couldn't make that up.
 photo IMG_2474_zpsdf733a93.jpg

Grandma came over and we had a delish dinner in the shady backyard.
 photo IMG_2476_zpsa91b3a30.jpg

But, apparently, Amelia was still hot enough that she needed to play in the water that remained in our deflated pool.
 photo IMG_2482_zps339a6b61.jpg

Feeling slightly brave this year, we decided to head downtown for some real fireworks.  Will was thrilled.
 photo IMG_2497_zpse7ffca88.jpg  photo IMG_2502_zps534bcfa0.jpg

Some ice cream and bubbles helped with the wait.
 photo IMG_2512_zpsd6171ca3.jpg  photo IMG_2544_zps87bd8347.jpg

A family sitting near by was kind enough to share some sparklers.
 photo IMG_2554_zpse57688a1.jpg

It was the perfect 4th.