Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Five

Five things we did this week.

 1. Enjoyed ice cream cones on a hot day.  photo IMG_2730_zpsd7249ef4.jpg

Bailey supervised.  photo IMG_2734_zpsc0eb2a7b.jpg

2. Kept Amelia cool.  Will is more than willing to help with this.
 photo IMG_2779_zps2f04acaf.jpg

Bailey supervised.
 photo IMG_2782_zpsdc9e2c9c.jpg  photo IMG_2742_zpscb9a8a63.jpg

Poor 'Melia.  She's still hot.
 photo IMG_2802_zpsd5a7b69f.jpg

3. Enjoyed an outdoor movie!  One of my favorite summer activities.

We took the kids to see Finding Nemo.  The movie didn't start until 9 so we left about 30 minutes in.  Amelia applauded after the first scene (that would be when Nemo's mother was attacked and  killed) while Will whispered, "Is Nemo's mommy dead?"  Sadly, Bailey stayed home.
 photo IMG_2752_zps727c1dd9.jpg

4. Spent a beautiful evening at the neighborhood spray ground.
 photo IMG_2765_zpse77b45a2.jpg

Bailey supervised.
 photo IMG_2759_zps4e2f85b2.jpg

5. Watched a frog hop in the driveway.  And, yes, Bailey supervised that, too.
 photo IMG_2798_zps787a0a56.jpg

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Rebecca said...

I am pretty sure Amelia has the pop and drop down, she just has to master the "lock". However I really enjoyed her meaningful head-thrown-back-to-soulful-music moment. You sign her up for dance yet? I'm thinking more hip hop, less ballet.