Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meet Bailey

A few months ago, Ellie, our otherwise sweet and adorable yorkie, lunged at Will and bit him on the eye while he was trying to sit next to me on the couch. At 8 years old, Ellie was growing increasingly tired of the kids and biting is a non-negotiable. We were sad to part ways with her, but she is now living with a retired couple who dote on her and spoil her rotten.

 I really started to miss not having a dog around, so after doing some research, I settled on a golden retriever as our family dog of choice. Mike took a little convincing, but last weekend...  photo IMG_2635_zpsfa18b1dc.jpg

Hello, Puppy.
 photo IMG_2629_zps710a1ef6.jpg  photo IMG_2631_zpsd4b6da47.jpg

We named him Bailey.
 photo IMG_2638_zps413c95ef.jpg

We drove out to the mountains of western Virginia to pick him up.  The drive was long, but insanely beautiful.
 photo IMG_2651_zpsa6a2a85d.jpg  photo IMG_2657_zps65417c78.jpg  photo IMG_2645_zpsed2f592b.jpg  photo IMG_2659_zps8b7cd894.jpg

Bailey's first drink at home.
 photo IMG_2663_zps69216719.jpg

The neighbors came over to meet him, and we decided it would be the perfect time to light off the fireworks we didn't get to on the Fourth of July.  Bailey was cool with it.
 photo IMG_2671_zpsc0bb744e.jpg

He is settling in beautifully.  He sleeps through the night in his crate, waking up around 6 AM.  He's learning to walk on his leash and already knows how to sit.  House training is going great (*knocking on wood*).
 photo IMG_2679_zps472b7d4c.jpg

The only thing we're having some issues with is the teething.  He's a little too mouthy and physical with the kids and needs to be re-directed often.  I'm definitely ready for him to outgrow this phase.
 photo IMG_2692_zps3a3067f8.jpg

We're slowly but surely getting used to each other.
 photo IMG_2694_zps0038c7e6.jpg

Welcome to the family, Bailey!
 photo IMG_2701_zpse87d6af0.jpg  photo IMG_2683_zps00726c67.jpg  photo IMG_2698_zps736f047b.jpg  photo IMG_2708_zps5cc4e933.jpg

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