Monday, July 1, 2013

Our weekend

On Friday night, our community had an ice cream social at the pool. After an early dinner, we went for a treat and a swim.  photo IMG_2370_zps6a595d79.jpg

Will just had to know what Amelia's tasted like.  Oh, brothers. photo IMG_2372_zps3bde3502.jpg

Will is starting to do some legit swimming without his floats, but still keeps them on most of the time.
 photo IMG_2377_zps52425c28.jpg  photo IMG_2385_zpsf931d9a9.jpg

And this girl.  Growing by leaps and bounds every day.  She already has quite a vocabulary (hi, bye, Will, Mama, Dada, kitty, quack quack, cracker, uh oh, NO!).  She loves to dance and even grabs both my hands so we can do it together.  She can follow simple commands (get your baby, get your shoes).  She is starting to come down stairs like a big girl (absolutely refuses to come down backwards), kicks a ball like Mia Hamm, and LOVES to read.

We adore her.
 photo IMG_2394_zpsfecb33e0.jpg

Since a fancy deck is a few years into the future, I convinced Mike to make me a patio.  Isn't he the sweetest?
 photo IMG_2400_zps72d52d9b.jpg

Will supervised from the pool.
 photo IMG_2402_zps0ca03661.jpg

Sunday was gross and rainy.  We started the day off with puzzle time in the morning.
 photo IMG_2406_zpseca98d16.jpg
"No pictures, Mommy!"

Later, Will helped me make some red play dough.
 photo IMG_2413_zps75707925.jpg

It was Amelia's first time playing with it.
 photo IMG_2419_zps9e2d393f.jpg

I love making play dough when it's all warm and soft and squishy.  It smells like my childhood.
 photo IMG_2420_zps13bd2f5a.jpg

Love these kiddos and our cozy weekends at home.

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Rebecca said...

Oh memories of Grandmama making her homemade playdough! Cream of tarter and food coloring are the only parts I remember. And then using it for tea parties and stuff on rainy days on her side.