Monday, July 8, 2013

The perfect 4th

We had the perfect 4th of July. We did everything you're supposed to do on the 4th.

 I even started the day by running in the Heritage 5 miler, a race through our city's downtown. Slow and steady wins the race. Or comes in 550th place out of 600 runners. Either way, I ran the whole thing, so... go me!  photo IMG_2445_zps32b7c9fa.jpg

I was lucky to have the cutest little cheerleaders.  After the race, we stuck around for the parade. photo IMG_2453_zpsbbbf501b.jpg  photo IMG_2458_zpsa6c85e49.jpg  photo IMG_2467_zps5e50d60a.jpg

My "All American Hero" didn't feel like having his picture taken.
 photo IMG_2469_zpsaea7385f.jpg

Mater was at the parade!!
 photo IMG_2471_zps886a0f7b.jpg

Will enjoyed some swimming in the backyard pool while Amelia took her nap.
 photo IMG_2473_zpsc9ffb149.jpg

Our neighbor's dog came over for a visit.  Her name is Chai Berry.  Swear.  I couldn't make that up.
 photo IMG_2474_zpsdf733a93.jpg

Grandma came over and we had a delish dinner in the shady backyard.
 photo IMG_2476_zpsa91b3a30.jpg

But, apparently, Amelia was still hot enough that she needed to play in the water that remained in our deflated pool.
 photo IMG_2482_zps339a6b61.jpg

Feeling slightly brave this year, we decided to head downtown for some real fireworks.  Will was thrilled.
 photo IMG_2497_zpse7ffca88.jpg  photo IMG_2502_zps534bcfa0.jpg

Some ice cream and bubbles helped with the wait.
 photo IMG_2512_zpsd6171ca3.jpg  photo IMG_2544_zps87bd8347.jpg

A family sitting near by was kind enough to share some sparklers.
 photo IMG_2554_zpse57688a1.jpg

It was the perfect 4th.


Jenn- wizard of words, queen of the universe and all around great time! said...

Lets talk about how proud Aunt Becky's going to be to se Amelia digging Phat Beats.

Erin said...

Whatever you do, make sure you don't download any free Dr. Dre music. He might sue.