Wednesday, August 28, 2013

When Daddy's away...

Mike went to California for business and was gone for a whole week.  It was tough at times, but we managed.

We enjoyed...

Popsicles in the new playhouse.
 photo IMG_3533_zps028edffb.jpg

Dot-paint projects and ice cream breaks.
 photo IMG_3535_zps689d441d.jpg

Doggy cuddles.
 photo IMG_3522_zpsbefc33cc.jpg

Fun with friends.
 photo IMG_3538_zps93006007.jpg

Snuggles with Chewie.
 photo IMG_3554_zpsf8ddd1bd.jpg

And catching the three kids in moments like this --
 photo IMG_3564_zps15600289.jpg
Though, I'm not enjoying the fact that Bailey has realized the couch is more comfy than the floor.

Upon Daddy's return, we reunited at Grandma's where Amelia was dropped off so we could enjoy a football game.  Tickets to the Redskins-Bills preseason match-up were a birthday gift for Mike and Will couldn't have been more excited to attend.
 photo IMG_3571_zpsb4e8d7ee.jpg  photo IMG_3572_zps64b1dbbc.jpg

Last, but not least, this is what chocolate pudding for dessert looks like -
 photo IMG_3581_zps33f463b4.jpg  photo IMG_3586-2_zps3b5184ba.jpg

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happy birthday, Dad.

Me: Will, how old do you think Daddy's turning?
Will: I don't know. Maybe 5?

 According to Will, 5 is when all the magic happens. At 5 he is going to get married, drive a car, and drink beer.

Mike had a birthday a few days ago, and with a 3 year old in the house, that means you have a party complete with games, cake, decorations, and balloons.

Amelia is a huge fan of balloons lately.
 photo IMG_3438_zps649910ea.jpg

The day started off a little rainy, but we managed to get outside for a small part of it.
 photo IMG_3452_zpsce6fcafd.jpg

Our photogenic party girl.
 photo IMG_3464_zps0b12a70d.jpg

Photobombing by Bailey.
 photo IMG_3467_zpsacb9acbe.jpg  photo IMG_3476-2_zpsa85f76af.jpg

Then it was time to party.
 photo IMG_3481_zpsb383694e.jpg

Will chose a pirate theme for Daddy's party.  And what would a pirate party be without a pirate costume?  It's Will's new favorite thing to wear.  In fact, he wears it just about every day.
 photo IMG_3484_zpse57f1604.jpg  photo IMG_3501_zpsd3388625.jpg  photo IMG_3493_zps66620130.jpg

Will's favorite part - the cake!  Or, really, just the frosting.
 photo IMG_3509_zps042bcf87.jpg  photo IMG_3512_zps15740cf0.jpg

Will picked out a few things at the dollar store for Mike: a birthday card that said he was as sweet as cake, a blue plastic cup with a lid, car wash, motor oil, and strawberry sandwich cookies.    photo IMG_3514_zps56f5ff0e.jpg

Happy 5th birthday, Dad!  XO

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tadpoles and work adventures.

A few days ago, a neighbor asked us if we wanted some tadpoles. Apparently a frog (we have many around here) laid eggs in her son's water table. We helped ourselves to a couple scoops of the little creatures and put them in our own water table to explore.  photo IMG_3379_zps5f3809d0.jpg

I had no long term plans, but I figured it would be fun to check them out.
 photo IMG_3380_zps678f073c.jpg  photo IMG_3382_zpsf04f92ae.jpg

And it was fun.  Until Will tipped the table over before I could stop him because "catching tadpoles is boring and I'm a big boy."
 photo IMG_3383_zpsc1908e25.jpg

Our neighborhood hosts a weekly mom and tot group and last week's event was an ice cream social.  Yum.
 photo IMG_3395_zps520b2197.jpg

Bailey and Amelia continue to love each other.
 photo IMG_3406-2_zpsf22a7362.jpg

Will picking his nose.  Amelia screaming.  Yup.  That pretty much sums up our visit to Daddy's work.
 photo IMG_3412_zps7616b234.jpg

OK, we did some other stuff, too.  Stuff like...

Running through the fire truck mist.
 photo IMG_3417_zps252c45ae.jpg  photo IMG_3421_zps0a5c2f7b.jpg

Visiting a helicopter...
 photo IMG_3424_zpsc296a20a.jpg

Sitting in a firetruck (and refusing to get down)...
 photo IMG_3429_zpsf44e0c45.jpg

And going for a ride.
 photo IMG_3432_zps62f03b2a.jpg

We knew it was time to leave when Amelia became very grumpy. But because we left so abruptly, Will also became very grumpy. We walked to the car through the crowds of Mike's co-workers with two screaming kids. Ah, memories.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Three year olds are tough.

Do not let this sweet picture fool you...
   photo IMG_3123_zpsca61426b.jpg

 This boy is nothing but attitude lately.  Raising a three (almost 4) year-old isn't for sissies. photo IMG_3137_zpsb8faab77.jpg

And this girl...
 photo IMG_3170_zpsb6de2ffd.jpg
That's the smile she gives us as she's dropping all her food on the floor.  Total sweetness.  Except for when she's smacking me in the face because, oh yes, she's hits now, too.

 photo IMG_3130_zps7a35536f.jpg

Summer in Virginia this year has been bizarre, yet wonderful.  Our normally brutal, scorching weather is now pleasant and dream-like.  We're outside almost all the time.
 photo IMG_3185_zpsf456af98.jpg

These three drive me insane most of the day, but we still manage to have a lot of fun.
 photo IMG_3187_zpsaa55a011.jpg

A few days ago we went to see Disney Junior Live. photo IMG_3206_zpsddf71dd7.jpg

The show featured Jake and Sofia. The kids were captivated.  photo IMG_3200_zpsc3d58c0b.jpg  photo IMG_3202_zps7f322527.jpg

$24 spent on treats, yet Will was devastated that I wouldn't buy him the $25 light spinner.  It was pretty much all he talked about after the show.

For example:
Me: Wasn't it so cool seeing Jake??!?  What was your favorite part?
Will:  *sad, pathetic voice* I really wanted a Mickey Mouse spinner.
Me: I know, buddy.  I'm sorry we couldn't get one.
Will *angry voice* Go back there and get one RIGHT NOW!
Me: *Big, loud, heavy sigh*
 photo IMG_3209_zps6aeefa1d.jpg

Well, Mickey Mouse spinner aside, seeing Jake was so cool.  At one point, Peter Pan came flying across the stage.  "Look, Will, he's flying!" I exclaimed.  "That's why he has a rope attached to him," Will explained.  Oh.  OK then.
 photo IMG_3212_zpsbd67d4ef.jpg

Other activities that filled our week included....

Helping Dad mow.
 photo IMG_3221_zps1210945a.jpg

A Mommy-Daddy-Will date to see Planes.
 photo IMG_3364_zps3c6501dd.jpg

No dogs or baby sisters allowed in the play room.
 photo IMG_3369_zps637c0ec0.jpg

And, last but not least, Will can "roller blade" all by himself.  Well, he mostly just walks, but nonetheless, he's extremely proud of himself.
 photo IMG_3375_zpse34a9776.jpg

More fun to come soon!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Because staying out past bedtime is so worth it - Part 3

Another summer, another evening at the fair.  photo IMG_3013_zpsbf4c3d5a.jpg

Normally this sort of thing is absolutely thrilling for Will.  He LOVES "spinny rides."  Although, our fearless boy who rode Thunder Mountain at Disney World countless times, was a little nervous this go 'round.

He definitely had his favorites and, thanks to his fancy paper bracelet, he got to ride these race cars as much as he wanted.
 photo IMG_2991_zpsf101df93.jpg

Amelia got to go on a couple of rides, but, much to her dismay, she was still too teeny for most of them.
 photo IMG_3002_zps31a3ba91.jpg  photo IMG_3015_zps9f0fd7b2.jpg

Amelia rode the Crazy Bus and loved it.  Will, however....
 photo IMG_3025_zps67ee59cd.jpg
Despite the fact that he rode this twice by himself last year, he acted terrified.  He spent the ride clutching Amelia's arm since she was the closest one to him.  But once it stopped, he laughed and said, "That wasn't so bad."  Sure, Will.  Sure...

Luckily he found some rides that better suited him.
 photo IMG_3030_zpsdec7cbd6.jpg  photo IMG_3029_zps985a0b71.jpg

Love how little kids make friends everywhere they go.
 photo IMG_3051_zps67e874d0.jpg

It was another great night to be at the fair.
 photo IMG_3064_zps3a4875e6.jpg  photo IMG_3069-2_zps2d71680b.jpg